tenfold V24:
The Future of IAM

What you get with tenfold identity & access management:

Essentials Edition

Manage users and access rights in Active Directory® and local file servers

Essentials 365 Edition

Manage users and access rights in Active Directory® and local file servers, PLUS Azure Active Directory®, Exchange®, SharePoint® and other Microsoft 365®-Services

Enterprise Edition

Manage users and access rights in Microsoft® Cloud and On-Prem services, PLUS third-party applications such as SAP ERP®, HCL Notes® and Dynamics NAV®

Warum lohnt sich eine Investition in tenfold. Adobe Stock (c) Andrey Popov
Warum lohnt sich eine Investition in tenfold. Adobe Stock (c) Andrey Popov

Save Money with tenfold

tenfold boosts efficiency, cybersecurity & compliance at your organization. Automating user & access management saves valuable time and helps you avoid costly data breaches and compliance fines. With all these savings, our IAM platform practically pays for itself!

  • Reduce helpdesk requests by up to 80%

  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone busywork

  • Up to 5x faster approval workflows

  • Prevent data breaches and cyberattacks

  • Fully automatic change tracking & documentation

Overview of all tenfold plugins

Please note: To use our plugins, you must have the minimum required tenfold edition as listed. For questions regarding licensing, please contact us or our sales partners directly.

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What Is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and access management deals with the question of who in an organization has access to what data and digital resources. By automating the creation and deletion of user accounts, as well as the assignment of IT privileges, IAM solutions help organizations enforce appropriate access, protect their sensitive data and ensure compliance with laws and security standards – all while saving precious time for their IT staff.

Do I Need Identity and Access Management?

It depends: While organizations with only a handful of users should have no problem keeping their permissions up to date, managing hundreds of accounts across dozens of unique systems quickly leads to chaos. That’s where IAM solutions come in: By automating routine tasks such as creating new users and outfitting them with basic permissions, IAM software lowers your IT workload and helps you avoid errors and misconfigurations that can leave sensitive data exposed to misuse. In other words, IAM solutions boost both your productivity and your cybersecurity.

Where Can I Learn More About tenfold?

Our video demo serves as a good introduction to the features included in our IAM solution. If you’d like to try tenfold for yourself, you can sign up for a non-binding free trial. This will give you the chance to test tenfold in either a demo environment or your own IT setup. For any additional questions, you can always contact us directly.

What Are the Differences Between the tenfold Editions?

tenfold is available in three editions, with higher license tiers giving you access to additional plugins and integrations. Our Essentials Edition covers everything you need to manage user accounts and access rights in the local Active Directory and file servers. In addition to on-premise Microsoft systems, tenfold Essentials 365 allows for the seamless integration of Azure Active Directory and the Microsoft cloud thanks to plugins for Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online and more. The Enterprise Edition of tenfold gives you access to our full range of plugins and interfaces, including a flexible REST API and out-of-the-box support for third-party systems such as SAP ERP or HCL Notes.

Where Can I Buy tenfold?

tenfold can be purchased from our solution partners, who will also assist you in getting the software up and running. The price of your license depends on the edition you choose and the number physical IT users you want to manage with tenfold. You can use our form to request a quote and get a general idea of the costs. If you are interested, we will gladly provide you with a binding offer as well.