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Haberkorn Logo

When Haberkorn deployed tenfold: Read the Case Study!

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sappi Logo

When Sappi deployed tenfold: Read the Case Study!

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When PKE Holding AG deployed tenfold: Read the Case Study!

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When HWA AG deployed tenfold: Read the Case Study!


When Welser Profile deployed tenfold: Read the Case Study!

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Customer Voices

“tenfold significantly reduces the processing time for privilege authorization. It used to take up to 24 hours to get a privilege, now it can be done within 10-15 minutes. It’s much better now in terms of speed and efficiency.“

Oliver Schubert

Infrastructure Division, Welser Profile

Personally, I was very impressed by tenfold’s intuitive and user-friendly architecture. The technical capabilities and features it includes are particularly valuable to us. tenfold provides interfaces to all important HWA systems, which helped us save a lot of time on tasks we had to complete manually before.

Florian Schüle

Head of IT

Ever since we started using tenfold, managing file server permissions has become both easier and more efficient. Because of the software’s intuitive and well-structured admin interface, it required little effort on our side to tailor the system to our needs.

André Titz

IT Manager at PKE Holding AG

tenfold’s user-friendliness quickly won us over. The fact that tenfold allowed us to integrate a large-scale and heterogenous environment very easily was of great importance to us at the IT department.

Berno Pfanner

Head of IT

Due to various legal and internal regulations, we are obligated to abide to certain compliance regulations. Since all activities are automatically logged with tenfold, we can deduce our access structures immediately and see exactly how they came about, at any given point in time.

Karl Liebich

Manager IT Applications Sappi Fine Paper Europe

Over 1,000 organizations worldwide rely on tenfold as their central platform for identity and access management.

tenfold makes sure that your users get access to the data they need – but only for as long as they need it.

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