Cloud IAM for Microsoft 365®

tenfold – Identity & Access Management for the Microsoft Cloud

With tenfold, you’ll enjoy the advantages of automated user and permission management both in your local network and in the cloud. From our automatic user lifecycle management to detailed reporting and permission breakdowns as well as regular access reviewstenfold provides a central platform for managing access across all systems.

To power this central hub, tenfold is built to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft environments thanks to support for on-premise services such as Active Directory and Windows file servers, as well as a range of built-in plugins for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory. This deep integration with Microsoft services makes it possible to manage the identities and permissions of online accounts in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Exchange & more using the same set of tools we provide for your own network.

Advantages (CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers)

  • Improved security by managing local and cloud resources through one platform
  • Central hub for internal and external IT audits
  • Adaptable software that always stays up to date with Microsoft’s innovations

Advantages (IT Admins & Infrastructure)

  • Easy-to-use platform for managing users and groups in hybrid environments
  • Track effective permissions for local and cloud systems
  • Quickly identify and solve issues highlighted in the tenfold Dashboard

Manage Microsoft 365 Users & Guests

tenfold‘s powerful IAM features, from customizable approval workflows to role-based access management, cover local networks, online services and hybrid environments. This allows tenfold to act as your all-in-one solution for identity & access management in Microsoft environments.

In tenfold, default permissions are assigned automatically, which helps you reduce your IT workload while simultaneously preventing errors that can leave sensitive data exposed to theft and cyber attacks. To allow for further adjustments, staff can use our self service platform to request additional permissions or invite guest users in Microsoft 365. Requests are sent directly to the data owner you have assigned. No tickets, no waiting on IT.

To prevent abuse, tenfold provides an overview of all files shared with external users. Additionally, access granted to guest users is checked regularly through our access review process.

Track Microsoft 365 Groups & Licenses

Automated user management ensures that the people in your organization always have access to exactly the resources they need. This includes membership in Microsoft 365 groups and access to cloud services.

To help admins keep track of everything, tenfold‘s reporting tools take nestled groups and overlapping systems and break them down into a simple summary detailing the effective permissions for any given user or file.

Tree diagrams and visual breakdowns offer an easy overview of AD and AAD groups. Additionally, the tenfold Dashboard will highlight any urgent issues such as inactive accounts with active licenses.

Seamless Integration of all Microsoft 365 Apps & Services

To connect to the various services included in Microsoft 365, tenfold uses a set of plugins that can be easily adjusted to the specific needs of your organization. This approach allows tenfold to be set up quickly and with minimal effort. More information about available plugins.

Azure Active Directory

The Azure AD Plugin allows you to manage identities and access in Microsoft’s cloud-based directory service without the need to rely on PowerShell or the Azure Portal. Everything from managing online users to assigning group membership and MS 365 licenses follows the same standardized and automated processes tenfold uses for your local AD.

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SharePoint Online

By automatically assigning SharePoint permissions and conducting regular access reviews, tenfold helps organizations secure shared files and folders. Visual overviews and permission breakdowns ensure full transparency for admins and security officers.

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Microsoft Teams

Aside from managing memberships in different Teams, tenfold also gives you insight into all files shared across the platform. Always keep track of which files are being shared where and see what guests and external users can access!

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Screenshot of tenfold's user interface for managing Microsoft Teams memberships and shared files.

Exchange Online

The interface to Exchange and Exchange Online allows tenfold to automate tasks like creating, managing and deleting mailboxes for your users. Permissions for shared shared mailboxes and public folders can be adjusted using our self service platform and approval workflows.

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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

View Demo