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tenfold's OneDrive plugin allows you to manage and track shared files in a central overview.

What Does the OneDrive Plugin Do?

One of Microsoft 365’s key features is the cloud storage service OneDrive. Not only does it allow users to access their own files from anywhere, it also lets them share those files with co-workers and external users.

As OneDrive is perfectly integrated with tenfold, you can easily track which content users have shared and with whom. With additional interfaces for Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, tenfold serves as the ideal central platform for controlling and managing shared content in Microsoft 365.

Keep Track of Shared Data

tenfold assembles an overview of all shared data, which admins can browse and filter by internally vs. externally shared files, or by files shared via Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

required license
Essentials 365 Edition

System Requirements:

  • To run the OneDrive plugin, you must have the Essentials 365 Edition of tenfold


Shared Data
  • Central overview of shared files.

  • Central management of all M365 services.

  • Control of shared files.

tenfold in a Nutshell


Automated user and permission management means faster access for your users and less work for your IT staff.


Change tracking, detailed reporting and regular access reviews keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.


Least privilege access and audit-proof logs help you achieve, maintain and prove compliance with laws and security standards.