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SharePoint® Online

tenfold's SharePoint Online plugin allows you to automate user and permission management in M365's collaboration tool.

What Does the SharePoint Online Plugin Do?

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the cornerstones of office communication and collaboration. With tenfold, you can manage file shares and permissions in SharePoint through a central, automated platform. tenfold supports both the on-premise infrastructure of SharePoint Server and the cloud service SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Permission Reporting

SharePoint’s built-in reporting tools make it impossible to get a clear picture of effective access on a per user and per site basis. Thanks to tenfold‘s detailed permission breakdown, you can easily keep track of who in your organization has access to what SharePoint assets.

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Essentials 365 Edition

The SharePoint Server Plugin is part of tenfold’s Essentials 365 Edition.

A folder with shared documents hovering over a user's hand.
How to keep track of shared files in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Adobe Stock, (c) Thapana_Studio

Keep Track of Shared Files

Microsoft’s default tools make it impossible to track which assets your users are sharing and with whom. To remedy this lack of oversight, tenfold provides a clear and central overview of files shared through Microsoft 365.

Through a set of helpful filters, you can quickly identify documents shared either internally or externally through SharePoint as well as OneDrive and Teams. Files shared with outside accounts in particular are often overlooked or forgotten, leaving sensitive data exposed.

With tenfold, you always know which files are being shared both inside and outside of your organizations. This way, you’re in control of your data, even as you move it to the cloud.


User Management
Access Rights
  • Assign, customize & delete SharePoint permissions on the basis of roles.

  • Breakdown & visualization of effective permissions.

  • All changes to permissions are fully documented.

  • Summary of effective SharePoint permissions.

  • Visualization of sites, groups & structures.

  • Central overview of shared files.