Access Management for SharePoint® (Online)

What Does the SharePoint Plugin Do?

When it comes to teamwork and data sharing, Microsoft SharePoint plays a central role in our everyday work lives. With tenfold, permission management in SharePoint is centralized and automated.

Thanks to plugins for Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365, tenfold Access Management supports both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

tenfold automatically provides new users with the SharePoint permissions they need for their jobs (alongside any other IT resources). It does this by using pre-defined roles, or what we at tenfold refer to as access profiles. User lifecycle management is automated too, which means when users move departments or take on new roles, tenfold adapts their permissions automatically.

Required License

tenfold Essentials PLUS

Screenshot of tenfold's user interface. It shows the SharePoint permission reporting.

SharePoint Permission Reporting with tenfold

SharePoint’s default tools do not provide an adequate overview of effective user permissions. However, in large-scale organizations, it is essential to know who has access to what to ensure shared documents are managed securely. Especially considering that SharePoint permissions have certain unique quirks – such as breaking inheritance when you make manual changes – that can easily trip up admins and lead to faulty configurations.

tenfold provides an excellent reporting tool that visualizes group and page structures and is thus able to provide you with an immediate and clear overview of effective user permissions in SharePoint.


  • Assign, customize & delete SharePoint permissions on the basis of roles.
  • Breakdown & visualization of effective permissions.
  • All changes to permissions are fully documented.
  • Summary of effective SharePoint permissions.
  • Visualization of sites, groups & structures.
  • Keep track of shared files.
  • Automation: tenfold automatically passes on changes made to SharePoint permissions, saving you time as these tasks now no longer have to be completed manually.

  • Profiles/Roles: SharePoint permissions can be grouped together with resources and privileges from other target systems and linked to organizational units. This way, the correct SharePoint permissions are assigned to users automatically and withdrawn again when needed, e.g. when users change departments. More information about roles in tenfold.

  • Reporting: Keep track of who has access to which sites. Learn more about reporting in tenfold.

  • Auditing: Automatic logging of changes made to users and permissions. You can access historical data at any time and track effective user permissions. Learn more about change tracking in tenfold.

Want to learn more?

Our video demo covers the full range of features
included in our powerful IAM solution.

View Demo

Want to learn more?

Our video demo covers the full range of features
included in our powerful IAM solution.

View Demo

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