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Azure Active Directory

tenfold’s Azure Active Directory® plugin lets you manage access rights and identities in the Microsoft Cloud.

What Does the Azure AD Plugin Do?

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory service that lets you control the access rights and identities of your Microsoft services and external SaaS applications. To manage the AAD, you must either go through the Azure Portal or PowerShell.

…Or you can simply save yourself the trouble with tenfold’s AAD plugin. By integrating Azure AD with tenfold, you can manage all identities and access rights both on-premises and in the cloud through tenfold’s intuitive user interface.

Regular Synchronization

Of course, you can also continue to make changes in Azure AD directly. To ensure tenfold is always updated with these changes, the plugin regularly synchronizes tenfold with Azure Active Directory®.

required license
Essentials 365 Edition

System Requirements:

  • tenfold must be set up as an app with the appropriate permissions.

  • Certificate for authentication.

  • The EXO2 modules must be installed on the tenfold computer (for the agent).


Cloud Users
  • Add, edit and delete cloud users

  • Features such as role profiles, user lifecycle management and access reviews also include cloud users.

  • Create users on-prem as usual and synchronize via Azure AD Connect

Guest Users
  • Invite, modify and lock guest users, add and remove permissions to/from guest users.

  • Track guest users as part of user access reviews.

  • Update/renew permissions of guest users as part of access reviews.

  • All group types supported: Office 365, Security, Mail-Enabled, Distribution and Teams.

  • Assign groups.

  • Remove groups.

  • Assign licenses and apps.

  • Remove licenses and apps.

  • Block lists for certain license types and apps.

Alerts For
  • Active guest accounts.

  • Active guest accounts with assigned Team

  • Deactivated Office 365 accounts with active license assignments.

tenfold in a Nutshell

All Systems

From Active Directory to Azure AD and third-party apps: Manage all IT systems through one automated platform with tenfold.

All Workflows

On/Offboarding, self-service, central reporting and regular audits. For all accounts, permissions and unstructured data.

No-Code IAM

Prebuilt plugins and no-code configuration make tenfold quick and easy to deploy, use and maintain.