tenfold V24:
The Future of IAM


Access Management in M365 – Best Practice Guide

From available tools to essential best practices: Learn everything you need to know about access management in the Microsoft Cloud!


Identity & Access Management Solutions Compared

Our white paper will help you navigate the IAM market, familiarize you with available products and explain key questions to ask yourself when evaluating IAM solutions.


NIST-Compliant Access Control with tenfold IAM

Learn which safety measures are required by the Access Control sections of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and SP 800 series – and how tenfold helps you achieve NIST compliance!


SOX Compliance

In this white paper, we take a deep dive into the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, its purpose and the role of IT in achieving compliance.

Executive View

KuppingerCole Executive View: Analyst Report on tenfold IAM

An independent report by the analyst firm KuppingerCole.


File Server Migration

Find out how to restore order on your file servers when deploying tenfold in just four easy steps.


Identity & Access Management for Mid-Market Organizations

Find out what an identity and access management solution for medium-sized businesses should provide.


ISO 27001 Access Rights Management

Everything you need to know about what documents are needed and IAM requirements in preparation for ISO-compliance.


Best Practices for Access Management In Microsoft® Environments

An in-depth manual on how to set up access structures correctly, including technical details & reporting info.


Access Management and the GDPR

What regulations does the GDPR set out and what impact do they have in terms of access management?

Video Overview

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