IAM for Businesses

IAM Challenges for Sales, Distribution and Services

From retail to service industries, businesses across all sectors today are storing and processing larger amounts of data than ever before: Customer data, payment data, employee data, supplier data – the list goes on. To ensure only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information – despite the high levels of fluctuation among staff in these sectors – many companies are now looking for software solutions that are capable of automating common user (lifecycle) management processes.

Complying With Data Protection Regulations

An effective strategy for managing access rights not only helps companies comply with the data protection requirements of regulatory standards such as the GDPR or PCI DSS, it also eliminates potential security risks caused by excess privileges. Both these factors are key to reducing the risk of cyberattacks and data theft from within.

The potential damage caused by such incidents and the theft of customer data is enormous: aside from the legal consequences, companies risk irreparable damage to their image and the loss of customers trust in their services. Getting a handle on data security is therefore one of the top priorities for businesses today.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations for Businesses:

White Paper: IAM Best Practices

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[WEBINAR] The Top 5 Reasons You Need Access Management

Do you know WHO in your organization has access to WHAT? If the answer is “no”, chances are you are not using an Identity and Access Management solution – and that means your company is at high risk for data theft!

In this webinar, we cover the Top 5 Reasons you need an IAM software solution and illustrate how IAM can help you meet your compliance goals and protect you from ransomware, insider threats and more!

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Upgrade Efficiency & Compliance with tenfold Access Management

The IAM solution tenfold makes user and access rights management both more efficient and secure. By implementing role-based access control, routine user management tasks can be automated swiftly and easily. tenfold always applies cybersecurity best practices, such as the principle of least privilege, to ensure the privileges granted to users are kept to a necessary minimum.

Here’s how it works: When tenfold is first installed, it analyzes the permissions held by every user. Based on this information, it automatically suggests standard access rights for specific roles and departments, allowing businesses to quickly establish default permissions.

If a new employee now joins your company, changes departments or leaves altogether, tenfold automatically adjusts their permissions across all connected systems – including Active Directory, file servers, Microsoft’s cloud services and a large number of third-party applications like SAP ERP which come with pre-built plugins.

Easy & Efficient User Management

Besides automating joiner-mover-leaver processes, tenfold takes another big bulk of the workload off IT admin backs with its self-service portal. Through this user-friendly platform, staff members can request IT resources, additional privileges or password resets themselves.

Requests are then sent to the responsible data owner(s) via customizable approval workflows. No tickets, emails or phone calls needed. Grant your staff the access they need without compromising security!

Ensure Full Documentation

tenfold also logs any changes made to permissions and can generate reports detailing the current and past permissions of users. This makes it easier to demonstrate retroactively that critical data was secured against unauthorized access at all times.

Identity and access management with tenfold lays the groundwork for improving data protection and achieving compliance with IT security standards. Learn more about tenfold‘s wide range of powerful features by signing up for a free trial today!

See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

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