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IAM Challenges for Retailers, Distributors & Services

From the retail to service industry, businesses across all sectors are storing and processing larger amounts of data than ever before: Customer data, payment data, employee data, supplier data – the list goes on.

To ensure only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information – despite the high levels of fluctuation among staff in these sectors – many companies are now looking for software solutions capable of automating their user lifecycle management.

Complying With Data Protection Laws

An effective strategy for managing access rights not only helps companies comply with the data protection requirements of the GDPR, PCI DSS and others, it also eliminates potential security risks caused by excess privileges. Both these factors are key to reducing the risk of cyberattacks and data theft from within.

The potential damage caused by cyberattacks or insider threats that lead to the theft of customer data is enormous: aside from the legal consequences, companies risk a loss of consumer trust and irreparable damage to their image. Getting a handle on data security is therefore one of the top priorities for businesses today.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations
White paper

Identity & Access Management Solutions Compared

Our white paper will help you navigate the IAM market, familiarize you with available products and explain key questions to ask yourself when evaluating IAM solutions.

IAM for Businesses: Manage Digital Risks and Compliance Challenges with tenfold IAM. Adobe Stock (c) Urupong
IAM for Businesses: Manage Digital Risks and Compliance Challenges with tenfold IAM. Adobe Stock (c) Urupong

Boost Compliance & Productivity

The IAM solution tenfold makes user and access rights management both more efficient and secure. Our user lifecycle management helps automate key task and restrict access to a necessary minimum, in accordance with cybersecurity best practices such as the principle of least privilege.

Here’s how it works: When tenfold is first installed, it analyzes the permissions held by every user. Based on this information, it automatically suggests standard access rights for specific roles and departments, allowing businesses to quickly establish default permissions.

If a new employee now joins your company, changes departments or leaves altogether, tenfold automatically adjusts their permissions across all connected systems – including Active Directory, file servers, Microsoft’s cloud services and any number of third-party applications.

Self-Service & Documentation

Aside from automating joiner-mover-leaver processes, tenfold also helps you stem the daily flood of helpdesk tickets by giving users access to a self-service portal that lets them request IT resources, additional permissions, password resets and more!

Requests are forwarded to relevant data owner based on customizable approval workflows, who can grant or deny the new permission with just a few clicks. No emails, tickets or phone calls needed.

Additionally, tenfold logs any changes to IT privileges and offers comprehensive reports detailing the current and past permissions for any user or item. This makes it easy to demonstrate retroactively that critical data was secured against unauthorized access at all times. Learn more about the advantages of tenfold by signing up for a free trial today!

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