tenfold V24:
The Future of IAM

See Who Can Access Your Data

In-depth control over object-level permissions is essential to securing your data. tenfold provides a clear and central breakdown of data access, from app-level privileges down to individual files.

Security Begins With Visibility

To protect mission-critical data, it’s not enough to see which apps your users can access.
You need full visibility into who has access to which files on which systems.

See the Full Picture

  • Clear breakdown of effective permissions

  • Central reporting for all IT systems

  • Track shared files & cloud data

Lock Down Access

  • Check user & object level permissions

  • Identify & remediate problematic access

  • Highlights out-of-org/channel sharing

Be Audit-Ready

  • Show your compliance with clear reports

  • Generate full overviews in seconds

  • Detailed change-tracking & historical data

Central Reporting

Change Tracking & Historical Data

Identify Common Issues









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Frequently Asked Questions

What Reports Does tenfold Provide?

tenfold offers detailed, item- and user-level permission reporting for all connected systems. Admins can access both current and historical data for privileges across different services, as well as generate their own custom reports or export data as PDF or Excel files. By breaking down group memberships and nested structures into effective permissions, tenfold makes it easy to keep track of which systems a particular user can currently and could previously access, as well as which users had access to a particular system.

How Can I Review Changes to Access Rights?

To help you track all changes made to users’ permissions, the tenfold Auditor shows you a list of days and which adjustments were made on those days. Admins can expand these data points as needed to see which changes were made and who approved them.

How Does the Visualization of Groups Work?

tenfold‘s Pathfinder provides a visual representation of users and groups in the Active Directory, allowing you to easily review your AD structure. By clicking on different objects, you can navigate through different AD levels and jump between users and groups as needed.

Does the Reporting Track Changes Made Outside of tenfold?

Managing permissions through a central platform is beneficial in terms of security, transparency and efficiency. Consequently, we recommend the use of tenfold‘s interfaces and workflows for any adjustments to accounts and privileges in connected systems.

tenfold regularly syncs with all connected systems and will therefore notice and identify changes made directly in the target system. So changes made in external systems are documented by tenfold. However, the audit trail for these changes includes significantly less data than for adjustments made through tenfold‘s own workflows (such as the comments left by data owners).

Which Issues Does the tenfold Dashboard Track?

tenfold‘s Dashboard tracks and highlights many common errors and misconfigurations. These include: Directories with broken inheritance or directly privileged users, orphaned accounts and SIDs, empty AD groups, inactive and unused accounts, accounts without group memberships, locked accounts and guest users with active M365 licenses.

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