What Interfaces Does tenfold Provide?

With tenfold’s plugins, you can connect tenfold to more than 60 third-party systems, including SAP, IBM Notes and Dynamics NAV.

A plugin is a software extension that can be installed and updated dynamically. In tenfold, these plugins can be installed very easily via the web interface.

Overview of Available Plugins

The table below provides an overview of all currently available plugins.

Please note: To use our plugins, you must have the minimum required tenfold edition as listed. For questions regarding licensing, please either contact our sales partners or contact us directly.

tenfold Marketplace

Plugins and updates can be downloaded from the tenfold Marketplace and then installed directly in the software. There are many out-of-the-box plugins available, which means that it takes no time at all to incorporate your systems and applications into the tenfold workflow.

Individual Extensions

You can install individual extensions using the PowerShell Plugin or SSH Plugin. The Groovy Plugin (Java) provides access to all of Java’s APIs, which in turn allows you to use many common technologies such as REST. With the appropriate APIs, you can even influence tenfold’s internal processes. There really are no limits to what you can do.

Can’t Find the Plugin You Were Looking For?

If you were unable to find the desired feature, please contact us. We are continuously working to extend our plugin portfolio. New plugins and updates for existing plugins are released independently of the tenfold release cycle.