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With the TOPdesk plugin, manual activities in tenfold can be created and treated as tickets in TOPdesk.

What Does the TOPdesk Plugin Do?

With the TOPdesk plugin, manual activities in tenfold can be created as tickets in the TOPdesk helpdesk application. TOPdesk is used in many IT departments to process issues or fault reports quickly and efficiently.

The option to create tickets allows tenfold to handle processes that cannot be automated using another plugin, either because there is no plugin or because they require physical tasks (e.g., assigning new hardware). The ticket number is stored in tenfold as a reference. As soon as the ticket or change is closed in TOPdesk, the activity is also closed in tenfold.

The advantage here is that you do not have to switch between tenfold and the ticket system to process requests. tenfold also thoroughly logs processes so they can be retrieved for audits later down the road.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • TOPdesk REST API Version 3.0.4 or later

  • Change Management API version 1.3.4 or later


Incidents and Changes
  • Create incidents and changes

  • Review of incident and change status information to complete or cancel tenfold requests

  • Create templates for incidents and changes – select template during provisioning

Grouping of Activities
  • Several activities in tenfold can be grouped together as one ticket in TOPdesk. This way, several activities that logically belong together are represented as one incident/change in TOPdesk.

Operator Management
  • Create new operators

  • Update master data of operators

  • Lock and unlock operators

  • Archive operators (tenfold Delete)

  • Assign operator and permission groups

tenfold in a Nutshell


Automated user and permission management means faster access for your users and less work for your IT staff.


Change tracking, detailed reporting and regular access reviews keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.


Least privilege access and audit-proof logs help you achieve, maintain and prove compliance with laws and security standards.