IAM for Manufacturing Companies

Securing Digital Processes in the Manufacturing Sector

The use of digital technologies has radically transformed processing and production industries: as more and more digital components make their way into industrial equipment such as control systems and heavy machinery, the line between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is starting to blur.

Networked components can greatly improve the efficiency of production processes, but also make the manufacturing sector increasingly vulnerable to digital threats like malware and ransomware. More and more businesses are forced to suspend their operations following cyberattacks: they have disrupted everything from aluminum production, to meat packing and the manufacturing of semiconductors.

Cybersecurity: Standards & Frameworks

With an overall rise in cybercrime and recent high-profile attacks such as the Colonial Pipeline hack, cybersecurity is becoming a political priority as well as an economic concern. The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity that followed in the wake of this attack is likely to be first of many new cybersecurity initiatives.

While previous efforts by regulatory bodies, such as the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency’s National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), have focused on voluntary frameworks for companies, this approach could change as digital threats become more pervasive and persistent.

Many businesses already choose to follow recommended safety standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in order to protect themselves from the growing threat. Considering the devastating financial impact cyberattacks can have, it’s the logical choice to make. Read on to learn how identity and access management (IAM) can help keep your company safe!

White Paper: IAM Best Practices

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[WEBINAR] The Top 5 Reasons You Need Access Management

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Secure Access and User Management with tenfold IAM

tenfold‘s IAM platform helps companies protect themselves from cyberattacks and ransomware by eliminating the security risks created by unnecessary permissions and accounts. At the same time, tenfold will boost efficiency by automating permission and user management. This helps reduce the amount of time your IT staff spend on routine tasks and account maintenance.

This increase in security and efficiency is made possible through automated user lifecycle management and a best practice known as role-based access control: During its initial setup, tenfold will automatically analyze existing accounts to help you set up default permissions for different roles and departments. This process is also known as role-mining.

Once these roles have been defined, all you have to do is add users to the right role and tenfold will automatically adjust their permissions in the background. And this applies to all connected systems: the local Active Directory and file server, Microsoft 365 and Azure AD, as well as various third-party applications. This approach ensures that every user has exactly the permissions they need.

Self-Service & Access Reviews

To prevent cyberattacks and data theft, the default set of permissions is kept as small as possible. This approach, also known as the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP), is considered a best practice in cybersecurity and widely mandated by IT regulations.

Whenever additional permissions are needed, users can request them through a self-service platform. The request is sent to the data owner, who can grant access to any resources under their control and must regularly perform access reviews for permissions they have assigned.

Regular user access reviews ensure that permissions and accounts that are no longer needed are removed before they become a security risk, making them an essential part of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

All changes made to access rights, including the results of access reviews, are automatically documented by tenfold. Together with tenfold‘s powerful reporting tools, this helps organizations prepare for compliance audits and prove that they implemented effective access controls.

See tenfold In Action!

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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

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