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What IAM Vendors Don't Tell You

Problem 1: Assembly Required

Before you can use an IAM platform, you need to connect it to your IT environment. Which is a lot more complicated than it sounds: IAM tools may offer some templates or simple integrations, but they leave it up to you to create the actual workflows needed for centralized identity orchestration.

Coding these interactions takes a lot of work and is major source of errors. Since every workflow needs to be custom-built, there is no tried and tested model to rely on. Maybe it’ll work just like you want. Or maybe you’ll introduce a ton of bugs. Whoops!

tenfold’s Solution: Full Integration Out-of-the-Box

Unlike these IAM construction kits, tenfold comes with fully developed plugins that instantly connect to your IT systems – no custom code required. Just activate the plugin, tweak a few settings and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

Frustrated woman trying to assemble furniture.
The first problem with IAM solutions: You have to assemble them yourself! Adobe Stock, (c) Monkey Business
Pages flying off a calendar, time passing.
The second problem with IAM solutions: They take forever to set up. Adobe Stock, (c) Igor Negovelov

Problem 2: Wasting Time & Money

Because of all this custom programming, IAM solutions take a long time to set up. It’s not uncommon for the setup phase to last multiple years. Even the most basic deployment imaginable requires months of work.

That means you either have to assign half your IT staff to the setup and freeze other important projects, or pay for hundreds of days of expensive IT consulting. Either way, it’s a huge drain on your resources.

tenfold’s Solution: Quick & Easy No-Code Setup

Thanks to its plugins and no-code configuration, tenfold is ready to go in a fraction of the time it takes to install a conventional IAM platform. We’re talking full-scale deployment in just a few weeks.

Problem 3: You’re Never Done

So IAM solutions take forever to get ready, but at least once the setup is done everything is smooth sailing, right?

There’s just one problem: You’re never finished, because your IT is never finished. Maybe your network structure changes, you add a new app or move your storage to the cloud. Any change to your IT means you’re back to coding workflows.

tenfold’s Solution: Expand With Ease

The same no-code approach that makes tenfold easy to install also makes it easy to tweak and expand. Add new plugins, change your settings: All it takes is a few clicks. IAM has never been easier.

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The third problem with IAM solutions: You’re never done tweaking them. Adobe Stock, (c) selinofoto

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Trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide:

“tenfold immediately delivered results. As soon as we deployed tenfold, it greatly reduced our IT workload.”

IT Director at a Museum of Fine Arts

300 Users

“tenfold’s user-friendliness quickly won us over. Even complex IT environments were easy to integrate with the platform.”

Head of IT for a Manufacturing Company

1,000 Users

“Since we started using tenfold, managing file server permissions has become both easier and more efficient.”

IT Manager at a Building Security Technology Provider

“tenfold allowed us to speed up the approval process for new privileges. What used to take 24 hours now takes 10-15 minutes.”

IT Manager at a Manufacturing Company

1,500 Users

“I was very impressed with tenfold’s intuitive and user-friendly architecture. Especially the fact that it offered out-of-the-box support for all our systems.”

Head of IT for an Automotive Supplier

300 Users

“Flexible and easy to implement, without the need for any scripting. Definitely recommended!”

5-Star Review on Capterra

“A great product made by great people!”

5-Star Review on Capterra

“Lots of features, great usability and highly customizable. tenfold helped us improve transparency and compliance, all while allowing our IT team to focus on more important tasks.”

5-Star Review on Capterra

“We’ve been using tenfold for years and it continues to improve. Anytime we had questions, their fantastic support team helped us quickly resolve the issue.”

5-Star Review on Capterra

tenfold: The easiest way to manage IT access


Gain full insight into your access landscape, from application-level down to individual files.


Central identity governance and orchestration for Active Directory, Entra ID and beyond.


Achieve secure access in record time thanks to our no-code setup and library of plugins.

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