Integration of Third-Party Systems

Centralized User Management for All Systems

Working with tenfold means that you can manage all users and their privileges centrally in one solution. As part of our application integration strategy, we have developed standardized interfaces (plugins) for a number of third-party systems. To ensure this centralized approach in tenfold also works for systems where there is no standard plugin available (e.g. your in-house applications), such systems can be integrated in tenfold via REST (Generic Connector) or scripting.

Advantages (CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers)

  • Integration of critical industry solutions containing sensitive data

  • Features such as data owners, workflows and recertification are included

  • Easy integration of self-developed applications

Advantages (IT Admins & Infrastructure)

  • Users are created/modified/locked automatically

  • Reduction of manual operations, which in turn reduces the risk of errors

  • More time left over to address important tasks

Integration in tenfold via REST

For the integration of a third-party system where there is no standard plugin available, tenfold uses a Generic Connector (GC) with REST client. All you need to do to integrate your system with tenfold is to implement a REST server which the GC can connect to. The server programming language is not important here. The REST server acts as a broker between tenfold and the external system and sends the relevant commands (e.g. “create user”/”revoke permission”).

Integration in tenfold Through Scripting

The second method of integrating systems or applications in tenfold without a standard plugin is scripting. This option is ideal for cases in which you want to trigger actions in external systems which are not supported by a tenfold plugin and for which integration via REST would be too time-consuming. Integrating existing scripts with tenfold is fairly straightforward and does not require much adaptation. The following technologies are supported:

  • Microsoft PowerShell for executing commands in Microsoft systems and other compatible providers. All required cmdlets can be loaded as usual

  • SSH (Secure Shell) for executing commands in UNIX/Linux systems and appliances based on them (e.g. for storage or networking) as well as other systems (e.g. IBM i/OS)

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