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Manage IT user mailboxes simply and effectively with tenfold’s Zimbra plugin.

What Does the Zimbra Plugin Do?

Many organizations use the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) – or just “Zimbra” – as a platform for internal communication. With our Zimbra plugin, the management of mailboxes required for this purpose can be integrated into tenfold‘s central user and access management scheme.

This means admins no longer have to waste time on time-consuming manual activities, like creating or modifying mailboxes. The documentation and ongoing monitoring through tenfold also ensures that mailboxes in Zimbra are always promptly closed as soon as a user leaves the organization.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • Zimbra 8 or later

  • tenfold 2019 R4 or later

  • Connection via Zimbra SOAP API


Mailbox Management
  • Create mailboxes

  • Update personal data

  • Lock, close and delete mailboxes

  • Mailboxes are automatically assigned or moved to the appropriate database

  • Policy-driven definition of service class.

E-Mail Addresses
  • Automatic adaptation of email addresses

  • Management of aliases (through scripting)

tenfold in a Nutshell

All Systems

From Active Directory to Entra ID and third-party apps: Manage all IT systems through one automated platform with tenfold.

All Workflows

On/Offboarding, self-service, central reporting and regular audits. For all accounts, permissions and unstructured data.

No-Code IAM

Prebuilt plugins and no-code configuration make tenfold quick and easy to deploy, use and maintain.