Access Management for Automotive Companies

IAM Challenges for Car Manufacturers and Suppliers

The automotive industry is always in motion: In response to the ever-changing demands of mobility, manufacturers are pushing forward the development of innovative technologies such as new drive systems and increasingly autonomous vehicles. Cars are now more than just a mode of transport. They are computers on wheels, with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connections, as well as numerous other smart features.

But with this increased level of convenience come new risks: Connected vehicles are potentially vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks, making security by design a priority throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle – from planning to manufacturing to maintenance. Information about car components and systems must be safeguarded in order to keep it out of the hands of cybercriminals and rival companies.

New Cybersecurity Standards

Car manufacturers now face the challenge of having to secure access to sensitive production data not only within their own company, but also on the their suppliers’ end – all without blocking the flow of information and slowing down technological innovation. New cybersecurity standards in the automotive sector aim to ensure appropriate protection throughout all phases of production.

The standards TISAX and TPISR, for example, lay out cybersecurity guidelines for suppliers in order to prevent industrial espionage and stop critical information from being leaked. New international standards, such as UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434, establish regulations for vehicle software and ongoing updates, as well as security management during development.

To meet this growing regulatory demand, manufacturers and suppliers must find suitable software solutions that integrate seamlessly with their day-to-day operations.

Automotive Cybersecurity Standards:

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Improve Cybersecurity and Compliance with tenfold Access Management

By offering a central platform for managing users and access rights, tenfold helps your organization improve both cybersecurity and compliance. Thanks to numerous out of the box plugins, the ability to import user data and an automatic wizard for creating permission profiles, getting tenfold up and running is a quick and easy process.

Once installed, you can use tenfold to assign and update access rights on file servers, in Active Directory, in Microsoft’s cloud services and various third-party applications, like SAP ERP, Jira and HCL Notes. Software that is not covered by existing plugins can be connected via the tenfold Generic Connector or a flexible REST API.

Across all connected systems, tenfold makes sure privileges are assigned following best practices of cybersecurity like the principle of least privilege. Following these standards helps keep your company safe from cyberattacks and data theft.

Easy Permission Management & Documentation

Not only does tenfold make access control more secure, it also makes the whole process easier. Need to assign additional privileges on top of the standard set? No problem! Instead of taking complicated detours through the IT department, designated data owners can simply grant users access to resources under their control through a custom workflow.

Data owners are also regularly prompted to perform user access reviews for any privileges they have assigned. Permissions that are no longer needed can be removed with just one click.

tenfold logs any changes made to access rights to ensure they can be tracked down the line. It also comes with a sophisticated reporting tool, which is able to produce detailed reports telling you who in your company has access to what data.

Thanks to these tools, tenfold will help your company excel at compliance audits and fulfil important information management requirements. Not convinced yet? Sign up for free trial to experience the full range of tenfold’s powerful features.

See tenfold In Action!

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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

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