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tenfold is the leading identity & access management provider for mid-market organizations. Our no-code, all-in-one IAM solution combines powerful features with a quick and easy deployment, empowering businesses to take control of IT users and permissions in record time.

Faced with increasingly complex IT landscapes and growing security and regulatory concerns, mid-sized businesses rely on automated user and permission management to control who has access to what, when and why. Unfortunately, your typical enterprise IAM solution exceeds the needs, budget and resources of medium-sized organizations.

tenfold is perfectly tailored to the needs of mid-market organizations and allows them to quickly automate their user and permission management – without getting tangled up in lengthy setups and custom programming. Thanks to this mix of powerful features and ready-to-use plugins, more than 1,000 customers across various industries currently rely on tenfold and our solution partners for their access management needs. In our IAM blog, we cover a wide range of topics surrounding digital identities, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.


tenfold’s intuitive interface helps admins track and manage IT privileges with just a few clicks. Thanks to our self-service platform, users can request access to resources directly from the data owner who controls them. This allows departments to manage access to their files semi-autonomously, freeing up your IT staff for more important tasks.


Automated permission management and regular access reviews ensure that users can only access resources they absolutely need. This approach, also known as least privilege access, minimizes the risk of data theft and security breaches.

Ready to go.

Out-of-the-box plugins for Microsoft’s on-prem services, the Microsoft cloud and various third-party systems make it fast and easy to integrate tenfold with your existing IT setup.

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