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With tenfold, you can manage users and permissions across all systems using one central platform. Our automated identity & access management solution ensures that your users always have access to the resources they need, while keeping sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

tenfold helps you lower your IT workload and boost cybersecurity & transparency at the same time. From self service features for end users to a powerful set of reporting tools for admins, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency & security across every level of your organization and every part of your IT infrastructure: tenfold Access Management covers your local network, hybrid setups and the cloud!

Advantages of tenfold:

  • Prevent cyberattacks, data theft and insider threats

  • Save time & money thanks to automated user management

  • Prove compliance with change tracking and tamper-proof logs

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Over 1,000 organizations around the globe trust tenfold Access Management

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tenfold: IAM for the Mid-Market

Choosing the right identity & access management solution is primarily a question of size: The challenges and IT infrastructure of massive corporations are entirely different than those of mid-sized businesses.

tenfold is specifically designed to suit the needs of mid-market organizations with the perfect mix of automated tools and pre-built plugins. This combination allows our customers to quickly reap the benefits of automated permission management and avoid lengthy setup phases and unnecessary costs.

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tenfold strikes the perfect balance between:

Data Governance Solutions

Data governance solutions encompass a variety of tools meant to help you deal with unorganized data. As a short-term solution, they help admins clean up file servers and provide visualizations of group and folder structures. However, they do not allow you to automate the underlying processes, such as approval workflows, user provisioning and access reviews.

Enterprise IAM Solutions

Enterprise solutions are designed to model the complex structure of huge businesses and public bodies. They have to incorporate a broad and often conflicting range of processes and IT systems. Enterprise IAM solutions typically comprise a bundle of several products, leading to a complicated setup process that exceeds the administrative and financial resources of mid-sized organizations.

Independent Analyst Report:
KuppingerCole on tenfold

An independent report by the analyst firm KuppingerCole confirms that tenfold lives up to its goals: Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger and his team describe tenfold as a well thought-out IAM solution tailored to the needs of mid-market organizations.

“We recommend that mid-market organizations consider tenfold when looking for a mature, feature-rich, and efficient IAM solution”

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What sets tenfold apart?

Data Governance Enterprise IAM tenfold
Features Visualization and simple management tasks Huge scope and complexity Everything you need to automate user and access management

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Implementation Minimal effort required Difficult and time-consuming implementation Up and running in just a few weeks

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Third Party Support Few options and supported systems High degree of complexity, custom programming required Seamless integration of Microsoft and third-party services, on prem & in the cloud

Plugin overview

Pricing Various licensing models, inexpensive to implement High licensing fees, high ongoing costs Easy setup and attractive licensing model

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So, why tenfold?

Because access management needs to be SIMPLE. As pioneers in the mid-market segment, we know which features and integrations you really need. Depending on the edition you choose, tenfold will bring you the following advantages:

tenfold is perfectly tailored to Microsoft environments and always establishes its access structures in accordance with best practices like the least privilege principle. This ensures users that users can only access files that are strictly necessary for their job.

tenfold‘s deep integration with Microsoft services guarantees that permissions in your network – your Active Directory, file servers, Exchange and SharePoint are managed automatically and always kept in line with policies and regulations.

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The default tools provided by Microsoft 365 do not allow for fine-grained access control in the cloud. With tenfold, you can seamlessly manage users and permissions across your own network, hybrid environments and cloud services.

This is possible thanks to a comprehensive set of plugins that connect tenfold to your local Active Directory, as well as the cloud-based Azure Active Directory and different Microsoft 365 services. With everything in one place, tenfold acts as your central hub for managing user accounts and file access.

tenfold‘s Microsoft 365 integration extends to all key features, including automated user provisioning and lifecycle management, self service access requests, customizable approval workflows and regular access reviews.

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With tenfold, achieving compliance with privacy and cybersecurity regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA or the SOX act is a breeze.

Ensuring least privilege access to critical data, a key part of all these laws, is made significantly easier with automated role-based access control and access reviews helping you keep everything to a need-to-know basis.

Dreading your next compliance audit? tenfold automatically keeps tamper-proof logs of all changes made to access rights and can generate reports on current and historical data with a single click.

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No cybersecurity measure is 100% effective at preventing data theft or ransomware attacks. However, there are steps you can take to greatly reduce the risk and potential damage of attacks like these.

Orphaned accounts are a common entry point for hackers and cybercriminals. Once inside, they exploit excess privileges to reach other systems and devices. Least privilege access is critical in preventing this kind of lateral movement.

That’s why the first thing tenfold does once installed is to compare the current access landscape with the roles you defined and remove any excess permissions. Additionally, the tenfold dashboard automatically highlights security issues such as inactive accounts.

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Manual access management is a time-consuming and error-prone process that inevitably leads to security risks such as overprivileged users or abandoned accounts, all while wasting the valuable time of your IT department.

tenfold allows you to automate routine processes such as provisioning new users. The key to success is a concept known as role-based access control: By defining default permissions for various positions, departments and branches in your organization, tenfold can automatically provide users with the exact set of privileges they need for their job.

Thanks to its comprehensive set of plugins, tenfold will update users and permissions across all connected systems, from Microsoft 365 to third-party applications like SAP ERP or HCL Notes. This saves you the hassle of trying to keep accounts in sync across various services.

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The import feature allows you to transfer user data from different source systems directly into tenfoldImporting HR data not only helps with the initial setup of tenfold, but also ensures that any changes made in your HR system are automatically carried over to tenfold.

This stops you from having to input user data twice, a common source of problems. Additionally, changes made in tenfold are synced back to your HR system.

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On any given day, IT admins are dealing with dozens of tickets: forgotten passwords, access requests, locked accounts, etc. Not to mention all the extra tasks coming in from Human Resources, like onboarding new users.

With tenfold, you can clear your ticket system once and for all. tenfold not only automates these tedious processes, but also takes decisions about file access out of the hands of IT admins and puts them in the hands of data owners in the relevant department.

When an employee uses the self service portal to reset their password or ask for a new permission, the request is automatically forwarded to the data owner, who can approve or reject it with a single click. No IT knowledge needed, tenfold handles the technical side in the background.

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IAM Comparison: Choose the Right Tool!

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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
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See tenfold In Action!

Experience tenfold live with our video overview
and see how easy access management can be!

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