Why tenfold?

tenfold is the next generation of access management. Our game-changing and simple approaches and tools have made chaotic and unsafe access structures a thing of the past. tenfold allows you to generate user accounts automatically and helps to visualize access rights, while incorporating data controllers into every step of the workflow.

What Makes tenfold Special?

Access Management Across Systems

Managing access rights centrally is the key to increasing the standard of IT security in your company – and tenfold does just that. Having one platform where you can collect and control all user data and access rights running together from different systems (like Active Directory®/file servers, Exchange®, SharePoint®, Dynamics NAV/CRM/AX, Office 365®, SAP®, CRM/ERP/ticket systems, etc.) is practical and guarantees the highest possible level of security. tenfold offers out-of-the-box standard connectors to more than 60 supported systems. It is a one-of-a-kind tool for efficient and automated user and access management. With tenfold, you will keep track of who has access to what systems and why at any given time and thus reduce the risk of data abuse or theft. tenfold saves and documents all processes, which will help you stay in line with with legal regulations (e.g. GDPR, BSI, ISO 27000, etc.) and to accelerate audits.

Automation Is Key

Workflows are an integral component of our solution. They help to automate many of the tasks involved in user and access rights management and allow everyone at your company – end users, data owners, department managers, IT and HR departments – to be incorporated into the different processes and steps.

Example: Susan, an employee, is assigned to a project which she needs some additional access rights for. There are workflows in place to ensure that her access rights cannot be modified without first being approved by the associated data controllers. Susan uses tenfold’s self-service interface to send a request to the department manager asking for the project rights she needs. The manager receives an e-mail in which he or she can respond immediately to approve or decline Susan’s request. Workflows like this significantly reduce the workload for IT staff because the responsibility of assigning access rights is delegated away from them to data controllers.

To simplify workflows further, tenfold is equipped with a graphical BPMN-based workflow editor, which can be used to generate very complex workflows, but requires no previous scripting knowledge from the user. Its graphical workflow illustrations serve as records and proof for IT audits. tenfold also has a unique template and profile function, in which many access rights can be compiled into system-wide profiles. tenfold assigns and adapts these access rights automatically, according to the roles or departments of staff members. This feature is especially helpful for avoiding problems related to duplicate users.

Another step toward automation comes in the form of tenfold’s innovative plugins. These can be downloaded, installed and customized directly from within the software itself, which means that any adaptations a customer may wish to implement can be done almost entirely without previous scripting knowledge.

Integrated User Life Cycle Management

tenfold monitors the user life cycles of all employees in the system. This means the program will display all IT user access rights and store permission histories for events, e.g. when somebody joins the company, resigns or switches to another department or office. Past user permissions can be monitored at any time. tenfold also lets you predefine permissions if you already know that someone will be needing a certain permission in the future.

Conform to Legal Requirements

tenfold provides a transparent overview of all access rights. Generating history reports in tenfold is simple and takes only a few seconds. This seamless documentation allows auditors to see which IT users had access to what systems and when. It also shows who approved these access requests. The information is logged during the automated tenfold access workflow process. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became effective in May 2018, demands that all access permissions to IT systems must be documented. With tenfold, access rights are recorded correctly and without gaps, making it extra easy to conform to legal regulations, such as ISO 27000, BSI or others. To put it simply: tenfold is a software designed to enhance security and protect your company from unauthorized access attempts.

Sophisticated Functionality

tenfold encompasses a large scope of out-of-the-box best practice features, including:

  • General features: Visualization & reporting, administration, automation, documentation, self-service, approval workflows.
  • User management functions: User life cycle, manual entry, imports from CSV files, imports from other data sources, mass changes, future requests.
  • Permission management functions for: Active Directory/file servers, SharePoint, Exchange, third-party systems (ERP, CRM, DMS etc.), directory services and groupware solutions (Novell eDirectory, Lotus Notes), service management solutions (e.g. OTRS ticketing system) and self-made solutions. Secure password-reset function, time-saving and highly efficient template and profile functions.

Competitive Pricing Model

tenfold is available in three editions, each of which offers varying ranges of functionalities. Pricing depends on the number of physical IT users. The tenfold Essentials Edition focuses on Active Directory® management and the visualization and administration of permissions for shared folders. The Essentials Plus Edition additionally provides transparent access management features for Microsoft® SharePoint and Microsoft® Exchange. The tenfold Enterprise Edition offers further features, such as the integration of external systems.

Are you part of a public enterprise or academic institution? Does your company serve a non-profit organization? If the answer is “Yes!”, we have great news for you: tenfold offers a discount licensing model to organizations working on a tight budget.

Everybody Wins

The above-mentioned features will provide great advantages to everyone in your company:

Administrators will:

  • be able to invest their time and efforts into more urgent tasks.
  • spend time and effort into documentation.
  • maintain a better overview of access rights.

IT Managers, CIO, CISO will:

  • profit from the minimization of risk for data abuse and theft.
  • be able to delegate responsibilities away from the IT department to other departments and managers.

Organizational benefits:

  • Regulatory compliance (GDPR, ISO 27000, BSI).
  • Simplified audits.
  • Improved efficiency due to workflow automation.

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Who has access to what, when, and why? tenfold is a central platform that makes it extra easy to manage users and access rights and keep a clear overview who had access to what, when and why. The software also provides support for compliance-related issues and can assist you in adhering to common standards such as ISO 27000 or HIPAA.

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