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Access Management for Windows Environments

IT departments around the globe depend on Microsoft Windows. To automate the user and permission management in Windows environments, tenfold offers easy-to-use plugins for services like Active Directory, file servers, Exchange and SharePoint.

This level of deep integration ensures that you’ll enjoy the advantages of our IAM platform in all areas of the Windows ecosystem – from automated user management to self-service access requests and detailed permission reporting.

How it works

Its interfaces with Active Directory and other Windows services allow tenfold to make changes such as creating new users, adding them to permission groups or revoking privileges once they are no longer needed.

Combined with plugins for Microsoft 365 and third-party systems, tenfold‘s Microsoft integration allows it to act as a central, automated platform for managing identities and access rights. This means you no longer have to service these systems individually – a tiresome process that often leads to mistakes.

Advantages For Your Company
  • Save Time Through Automation

  • All Permissions Kept Accurate & Up-To-Date

  • Track Access Quickly & Easily

Advantages For Your Users
  • Clear Summary of Effective Permissions

  • Detailed Breakdown of Nested Structures

  • Implement Best Practices Like AGDLP

Transparenz und Sicherheit mit IAM von tenfold. Adobe Stock (c) pickup
Transparenz und Sicherheit mit IAM von tenfold. Adobe Stock (c) pickup

Safe and Transparent

The default tools provided by Microsoft make it nearly impossible to keep track of users’ effective permissions. tenfold breaks down nested groups and inherited permissions to give you a clear picture of item and user-level permissions.

tenfold automatically assigns new groups and permissions following best practices, such as Microsoft’s AGDLP principle. This ensures neat and tidy structures – at no extra effort for your admins.

How it works

Through its Microsoft interfaces, tenfold collects file server, mail server and SharePoint permissions into one central overview. Inheritances and nested groups are automatically broken down to show you the effective permissions of a specific user or a specific object.

tenfold at a Glance

All Systems

From Active Directory to Azure AD and third-party apps: Manage all IT systems through one automated platform with tenfold.

All Workflows

On/Offboarding, self-service, central reporting and regular audits. For all accounts, permissions and unstructured data.

No-Code IAM

Prebuilt plugins and no-code configuration make tenfold quick and easy to deploy, use and maintain.

Hybrid Environments Made Easy

The parallel use of Microsoft’s cloud and on-premise services offers many advantages, but also requires additional maintenance. Accounts and data have to be kept in sync while enforcing secure, least privilege access.

Thanks to tenfold‘s Microsoft 365 integration, managing hybrid environments is a breeze. Plugins for Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive and Exchange allow you to manage cloud systems through the same platform as your local network.

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