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Gain full insight into your access landscape, from application-level down to individual files.


Central identity governance and orchestration for Active Directory, Entra ID and beyond.


Achieve secure access in record time thanks to our no-code setup and library of plugins.

Trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide

“tenfold immediately delivered results. As soon as we deployed tenfold, it greatly reduced our IT workload.”

IT Director at a Museum of Fine Arts

300 Users

“tenfold’s user-friendliness quickly won us over. Even complex IT environments were easy to integrate with the platform.”

Head of IT for a Manufacturing Company

1,000 Users

“Since we started using tenfold, managing file server permissions has become both easier and more efficient.”

IT Manager at a Building Security Technology Provider

“tenfold allowed us to speed up the approval process for new privileges. What used to take 24 hours now takes 10-15 minutes.”

IT Manager at a Manufacturing Company

1,500 Users

“I was very impressed with tenfold’s intuitive and user-friendly architecture. Especially the fact that it offered out-of-the-box support for all our systems.”

Head of IT for an Automotive Supplier

300 Users

“Flexible and easy to implement, without the need for any scripting. Definitely recommended!”

5-Star Review on Capterra

“A great product made by great people!”

5-Star Review on Capterra

“Lots of features, great usability and highly customizable. tenfold helped us improve transparency and compliance, all while allowing our IT team to focus on more important tasks.”

5-Star Review on Capterra

“We’ve been using tenfold for years and it continues to improve. Anytime we had questions, their fantastic support team helped us quickly resolve the issue.”

5-Star Review on Capterra

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With full visibility, central auditing and lifecycle automation, tenfold helps you regain control of IT privileges.
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Lower IT Workload



Faster Access Provisioning



Privilege Creep Reduction

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What Is Identity and Access Management?

Identity & access management is a discipline of cybersecurity that governs user accounts and IT privileges. It includes tasks such as provisioning new accounts, central permission reporting and ongoing privilege audits known as user access reviews.

IAM ensures seamless access for all users while protecting critical data. By identifying and mitigating access risks, IAM allows organizations to prevent data breaches, boost operational efficiency and ensure IT compliance.

What Makes Identity and Access Management So Important?

With hundreds of users and dozens of IT systems to manage, the need for access control has long outgrown the capacity for manual administration. If you want to mitigate access risks, prevent data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance, identity & access management is your only option.

The good news is: Identity & access management solutions do a lot more than just protect your data. Lifecycle automation boosts productivity across the board by ensuring your users can access the resources they need – while saving your IT staff valuable time. And with self-service requests and password resets, IAM eliminates 90% of help desk tickets.

What Sets tenfold Apart From Other IAM Solutions?

Only tenfold offers fully automated user and permission management through an intuitive, no-code platform – identity & access management has never been easier.

Most IAM solutions require custom scripts to connect with your existing IT systems. Creating the necessary interfaces takes a lot of time and effort – both during setup and any changes to your IT.

By contrast, tenfold provides ready-to-use plugins that make it easy to integrate Windows, cloud and business applications, all without writing a single line of code! Thanks to this revolutionary approach, tenfold allows you to automate your access management in just a few weeks.

How Do I Choose the Right IAM Solution?

Finding the right IAM solution is a question of scale: Huge corporations need complex frameworks that enable them to build their own IAM platform – even if it takes years to do so. For most organizations, however, a simple and easy-to-use IAM solution is the better choice.

tenfold fills this role perfectly by combining powerful IAM features with a quick and easy deployment thanks to our built-in plugins and no-code interface.

Don’t waste time on endless setups! Stop data breaches, eliminate access risks and maximize your IT productivity with tenfold – the quick & easy IAM solution.

What Are the Differences Between the tenfold Editions?

tenfold is available in three different editions: Essentials, Essentials 365 and Enterprise. All three editions give you access to our full range of features, including lifecycle automation, self-service workflows for access requests and password resets, central permission reporting and regular access reviews. However, higher tiers allow you to manage additional systems through tenfold.

tenfold Essentials allows you to manage on-premise systems such as Active Directory and file servers. Essentials 365 expands coverage to include Microsoft Cloud apps such as Entra ID, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. tenfold Enterprise additionally includes plugins for third-party applications like SAP ERP, HCL Notes or help desk platforms.

Where Can I Buy tenfold?

If you’re interested in purchasing tenfold, please contact our Sales team to help you choose the right edition and clear up any technical questions you may have. For pricing information, you can use our form to request a personalized quote and get a better idea of the costs.

You can always reach us at info@tenfold-security.com for general inquiries or sales@tenfold-security.com for sales-related questions.

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