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How much Permissions Management is required
by the EU-GDPR?

Correct setted Access Rights are a prerequisite


The easy solution for managing users and permissions

Do you need a solution that will help you to simplify your organisation’s approach to user accounts and permissions?
A solution that supports Active Directory® and file sharing, Exchange®, SharePoint®, ERP software (such as SAP®) and CRM software, that has self-service features, workflows, profiles, roles, audit-proof archiving and a password reset function, that is suited to on-premises and cloud access?
If so, you are looking at the right software package because tenfold provides a central platform for all tasks related to permissions management.


User Management


Permissions Management

Dokumentation & Reporting

Documentation & Reporting

It has never been easier to centrally manage and have an overview of users and permissions. The tenfold software solution is not only advantageous for management tasks i.e. for the administrator. The company and its executive managers also benefit from having a clear overview of all the permissions. Complying with standards such as ISO 27000 and SOX is easier with tenfold because it offers recommended functions for use by the staff who administrate your users and permissions. See for yourself!

Easy. Fast. Integrated.

The top priorities for tenfold are usability and providing support for a broad range of applications. Our solution is simple and user-friendly. The integrated web interface spares administrators the tiresome process of rolling out client software onto user PCs. A solution can only be called ‘good’ if best practices are the standard and if every system can easily be integrated.


Use tenfold as a central hub for personal data by importing attributes from HR systems and employee databases (such as SAP®), tenfold will then update the data for you in audit-proof, downstream systems such as Active Directory®.

Use tenfold as a central hub for personal data by importing


Featuring over 60 connectors, tenfold provides out-of-the-box support for operating systems, business applications, databases, collaboration systems and IT infrastructure.

Featuring over 50 connectors


Create cross-system profiles by compiling permissions that belong together and tenfold will automatically adapt the roles and permissions of employees, based on their department or function.

Create cross-system profiles by compiling permissions

Over 250 well-known companies use tenfold
for managing users and permissions.

Vamed Berechtigungsverwaltung
sappi Berechtigungsverwaltung
Haberkorn managing permissions

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Less really is more.

Many duties related to user and permissions management are routine tasks. These tasks rob you of the time that you so desperately need for other areas. tenfold is at your service and can help with this. And if you don’t have to do as many routine tasks, you will have more time for the important things.


Do you have this problem? Are you no longer able to manage your NTFS share permissions manually? Concentrate your efforts on who should receive access to what. Let tenfold manage the necessary groups and file system permissions.

Concentrate your efforts on who should receive access to what


No need for the constant back and forth of queries within a department. Process sheets and forms that need to be filled out are a thing of the past. In tenfold, entire applications or individual permissions, shared folders or Active Directory® groups can be consigned to the relevant data owner. The data owners themselves can use the workflow to decide who has access to their data.

No need for the constant back and forth of queries within a department.

Audit Proof.

Documenting changes in permissions is now compulsory for almost all companies i.e. for their executive managers. Why bother with irritating extra work when tenfold automatically provides audit-proof documentation of all events? This provides you with the information you need, whenever you need it.

tenfold automatically provides audit-proof documentation of all events

User & Permissions Management with tenfold

Easy. Fast. Integrated.