Application Integration

Why is Application Integration Vital?

Every company holds sensitive data (e.g. customer details, sales figures, user information) that is not just accessible via file servers and/or the AD, but also via applications such as CRM or ERP systems. To protect this sensitive information against data abuse and theft, tenfold allows you to integrate third-party systems into the software via standardized interfaces (plugins). Systems for which no plugins exist (e.g. inhouse apps) can be integrated via REST or scripting.

Advantages (CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers)

  • Audit requirements concerning accounting-relevant systems (e.g. SAP) are covered

  • Critical business data about customers, orders and staff is well protected

Advantages (IT Admins & Infrastructure)

  • You no longer have to input data separately into multiple systems, e.g. Active Directory or ERP/CRM systems

  • Role integration improves security and reduces routine tasks for admins

Integration of ERP Systems

ERP systems, such as SAP or Dynamics NAV, commonly contain confidential information, e.g. client details and user data. To keep such data from falling into the wrong hands, it is vital that these systems be integrated into your permission workflows, as this is the only way to ensure that only those people are given access to specific details who actually need it to perform their jobs (principle of least privilege). The plugins providing the relevant connection to tenfold include our SAP® ERP User Lifecycle Plugin and the Microsoft® Dynamics NAV Plugin.

Screenshot of the IAM software tenfold’s user interface depicting the interfaces for application integration.

Integration of Industry-Specific Solutions

There are industry-specific applications that contain critical data which must be protected in accordance with the law. One example of this is the ORBIS hospital information system, which stores sensitive patient data. tenfold‘s ORBIS plugin protects the hospital information system against unauthorized access.

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