tenfold Import Plugin


The manual input of user data is not just a tedious and time-consuming task for IT departments, it is also redundant. The usual process is as follows: The Human Resources department collects all information about new or existing employees in some kind of HR management system and then, as part of a complex and somewhat unreliable process, relays the data to the IT department, who then proceeds to update the IT systems with the new or modified data.

Basically, what this means is that the process of updating data is done twice every time a person joins or leaves the company. Sounds like a waste of time and resources? That’s because it is. It is an unnecessary expense in terms of labor and finances that could very well be avoided – and nevermind the risk of errors that rises significantly when there are many people involved in conducting each process twice!

Benefits of the Plugin

The tenfold Import Plugin eliminates all of these issues entirely. It uses the data from the HR system to recognize changes and responds to them appropriately and, best of all, automatically.

Advantages at a Glance

  • No duplicate entries of staff data by HR and IT departments
  • No missing information when new employees join the company
  • Conflicts in procedures between HR and IT departments are prevented
  • If an employee leaves the company, the system recognizes and processes the event automatically
  • Security level is increased by preventing orphaned accounts
  • Name changes are processed automatically
  • Access rights are adjusted accordingly when staff memabers switch to new departments or offices


Technical Import Functions

  • Import from CSV files
  • Import from fixed-length files
  • Easy mapping between columns in the file and person fields in tenfold

Workflows for Personal Data

  • Identification of new staff members
  • Identification of data changes (such as last name)
  • Detection of transitions to other departments or offices
  • Processing of inactive (e.g. retired) staff members

Organizational Data

  • Automatic import of departments (including department hierarchy)
  • Automatic import of offices
  • Departments and offices can exist in separate import files

System Requirements

  • Import files can be accessed locally or via UNC path

Required License

tenfold Enterprise Edition

Download as .pdf