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Inputting user data manually is not just a tedious and time-consuming task, it is also redundant. HR will usually have all the user data you need at hand, whether it is about a new person joining the organization or an existing person who is leaving. These data are recorded in the HR system. What then follows are usually unnecessarily complex processes during which the data is transmitted from HR to the IT department, where it has to be put into yet another system.

Not only is this approach inefficient, it is also highly prone to errors.

The tenfold Import plugin eliminates all of these issues entirely. It uses the data from the HR management system to detect and respond to any changes made by the HR department automatically.

Required License

System Requirements

Import files can be accessed locally or via UNC path



  • Import from CSV files
  • Import from fixed-length files
  • Easy mapping between columns in the file and person fields in tenfold
  • Identification of new users
  • Identification of data changes (e.g. surnames)
  • Recognize when users change department or location
  • Recognize and process inactive users (retired, resigned)
  • Automatic import of departments
  • Automatic import of locations
  • Departments and locations can be in separate import files

  • User data has to be entered only once

  • No data gaps when new users join

  • Prevention of conflicts in procedures between HR and IT depts.

  • Prevention of orphaned accounts increases cybersecurity

  • Name changes are processed automatically

  • Automatic adaptation of privileges for joiner-mover-leaver processes

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