Privilege Recertification

What Is the Purpose of Recertification?

Which privileges are still necessary and which aren’t should always be decided by a person or persons with knowledge about the department or projects where the privileges are being used – commonly a department head or someone with equal authority. In tenfold, you can therefore appoint data owners (e.g. department heads, managers) who are in charge of certain privileges and are then regularly prompted to review those privileges and must either reconfirm or revoke them. Recertification is also used for managing special permissions that are assigned on top of standard privilege sets (project-based permissions).

Advantages (CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers)

  • Managers can review privileges on a regular basis

  • No IT expertise required thanks to user-friendly interface

  • Compliance requirements are met (e.g. GDPR, ISO 27001, BAIT, TISAX)

Advantages (IT Admins, IT Infrastructure)

  • Easy to configure and ready for immediate use, even in established environments

  • No manual work required, as privileges are corrected automatically

  • Compatible with all applications and systems supported by tenfold

Simple Configuration, High Impact

The recertification feature works out of the box and can be customized to fit your needs. The recertification policies must be configured only once at the start. This process requires neither config files nor script adaptations. You can set the following configurations in tenfold‘s user interface:

  • intervals for recertification

  • which resources and users should be reviewed

  • the time frame in which the data owner must complete the recertification

  • backup actions that should be triggered if the time window is exceeded

  • backup actions that should be triggered if the recertification process is not completed in time

Screenshot illustrating the recertification process in the IAM software tenfold's user interface.

How Does Recertification Work?

tenfold notifies data owners about upcoming recertifications automatically and data owners can either confirm or revoke permissions that are waiting to be recertfied very easily via tenfold’s intuitive user-interface. There is also a read-only option for auditors available, allowing them to view the progress and details of processes.

Screenshot illustrating the recertification process in the IAM software tenfold's user interface.

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