Generic Connector

The Generic Connector allows the integration of tenfold with third-party systems for which there is no standard plugin available.


  • Integration of systems and applications in tenfold without a standard plugin.
  • REST client contained in GC implements client’s REST API, described in YAML.
  • Integration with third-party systems is made possible through implementation of the appropriate REST server which the GC can connect to in tenfold. The supported commands (e.g. “Create user”/”Remove permission”) are sent via this connection.
  • The REST server then implements these commands for the third-party system using the provided API (e.g. SOAP, REST, SQL or a proprietary API).
  • The REST server acts as broker between tenfold and third-party systems (server programming language irrelevant).
  • The REST-API supports all of tenfold’s user and permission functions.

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Create server for different programming languages


tenfold relays modifications made to users and access rights automatically, thereby eliminating manual tasks and thus saving valuable time.


Keep track of who has which access rights.


Roles and policies can be grouped together with resources and access rights from other target systems and then linked to organizational units. This way, roles and policies are assigned to users automatically and removed when required, e.g. when someone moves to another department.

Approval Workflows

Both single-stage and multi-stage workflows supported. Easy configuration of escalations and substitutes.

User Access Review (Recertification)

Data owners can review access rights regularly to ensure they are up-to-date and mark obsolete permissions for removal. tenfold then removes these entries automatically.


Changes made to access rights are documented automatically. You can access historical data at any time and track who had access to sensitive data.

Integration of Data Owners

Appoint data owners who are responsible for approving or rejecting requests and who must review certain access rights on a regular basis.

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Who has access to what, when, and why? tenfold is a central platform that makes it extra easy to manage users and access rights and keep a clear overview who had access to what, when and why at the same time. Our software also provides support for compliance-related issues, such as adhering to common standards (ISO 27000, HIPAA).

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