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Generic Connector

The Generic Connector connects third-party systems to tenfold for which there is no standard plugin available.

What Does the Generic Connector Plugin Do?

The Generic Connector can be used to connect applications to tenfold for which there is no pre-built plugin available (e.g. own developed applications). A REST client within the Generic Connector acts as the client side of a REST API, as described in YAML/JSON.

To dock onto the Generic Connector, you must set up your own REST server. This acts as a broker between tenfold and the third-party system. The REST server implements commands sent by tenfold to the third-party system (and vice versa) via the designated API, e.g. SOAP, REST, SQL or proprietary interfaces.

Via the REST API, tenfold can control all functions related to the management of users and access rights. More information about using the Generic Connector can be found in the tenfold documentation. For concrete questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • The integration of third-party systems requires the implementation of a corresponding REST server which is not provided by tenfold.

Übersicht der Kommunikation zwischen tenfold Generic Connector, REST Server und Third-Party Programmen.

tenfold in a Nutshell


Automated user and permission management means faster access for your users and less work for your IT staff.


Change tracking, detailed reporting and regular access reviews keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.


Least privilege access and audit-proof logs help you achieve, maintain and prove compliance with laws and security standards.