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Despite tenfold‘s automation features, some specific use cases make it necessary to outsource manual tasks that are part of a custom workflow through a ticket system. This approach may be required in cases like these:

  • A task must be completed in a third-party application (for instance, creating a new account or assigning resources), but cannot be automated through a plugin. Either because the application does not provide an API or because developing a plugin for this edge case takes too much time and effort.

  • A task in tenfold requires manual action to complete. For instance, if an employee has requested hardware or a physical asset.

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The ServiceDesk Plus plugin allows tenfold to create tickets for manual tasks through ServiceDesk Plus. This makes it possible to capture and document the workflow for tasks that cannot be automated via another plugin. tenfold stores the ticket number for each incident and will automatically close it once it has been completed in ServiceDesk Plus.

The advantages of this approach:

  • The entire process is documented automatically by tenfold, thus providing records of the incident and workflow in the case of an audit.

  • It removes the need to enter the same information in multiple applications. tenfold automatically tracks the status of each ticket and closes incidents once they are marked as completed in ServiceDesk Plus.

The tenfold user interface for configuring the ServiceDesk Plus settings.
The tenfold user interface for configuring SD tickets.
A request created by tenfold in the SD Plus user interface.


  • Generate incidents and changes
  • Regular syncing of open incidents in order to complete or cancel tasks in tenfold
  • Create templates for incidents
  • Support for incident templates from SD Plus
  • Several activities in tenfold can be grouped together and modeled within one ticket in ServiceDesk Plus. This allows multiple, connected tasks to be assigned and tracked through a single ticket in ServiceDesk Plus.

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