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In tenfold, there are sometimes situations in which it is advisible or even necessary to outsource manual tasks that are part of a workflow to a ticket system. Examples of such situations include:

  • A task must be completed in a third-party application (for instance, creating a new account or assigning resources), but cannot be automated through a plugin. Either because the application does not provide an API or because developing a plugin for this edge case takes too much time and effort.

  • A task in tenfold requires manual action to complete. For instance, if an employee has requested hardware or a physical asset.

Required License

System Requirements

  • Jira REST API version 2 or later

On-Premises / Cloud

  • tenfold‘s Jira Plugin works on-premises and in the cloud.


With the Jira plugin, you can add manual activities in tenfold as tasks in Jira. In this way, tasks which cannot be automated via another plugin are modeled. The task number is stored as a reference in tenfold. As soon as the task is closed in Jira, the activity in tenfold is also closed.

This is useful because:

  • There are no more media disruptions and no duplicate entries. tenfold regularly checks the status according to the task number and automatically closes the tenfold request when the Jira tesk has been closed.


  • Create tasks
  • Review tasks to complete or cancel tenfold requests
  • Create task templates – select template during provisioning
  • Several activities in tenfold can be grouped together and modeled in one Jira task. This way, several activities that logically belong together can be modeled in one task in Jira.

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