tenfold macmon NAC Plugin


  • Assign permissions to allow the use of the macmon portal in order to register own network devices (BYOD).

  • Revoke permissions in order to register own network devices.

  • The devices registered in macmon are regularly synchronized with and transmitted to tenfold and are then assigned to users as resources.

  • You can remove devices in tenfold, which will automatically remove the device registration in macmon.

Required License

System Requirements

  • macmon Version 5.21.0

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  • Automation: The permission for registering devices is set or deleted by tenfold automatically in the active directory. This eliminates manual tasks and thus saves valuable time.

  • Reporting: Keep track of who has permission to register devices and which devices have already been registered by users.

  • Profiles/roles: The permission for registering devices can be grouped together with resources and access rights from other target systems and then linked to organizational units. This way, the permission is assigned to users automatically and revoked when necessary, for instance in the event of a department change.

  • Approval workflows: Both single-stage and multi-stage workflows can be established. Configuring escalations and substitutes is simple.

  • Recertification: Data owners can review permissions regularly to ensure they are up-to-date and mark outdated permissions for removal. tenfold then automatically removes these permission assignments.

  • Auditing: Changes to permissions and registered devices are documented and historicized automatically. This data can be accessed anytime to deduce who registered which devices.

  • Integration of data owners: Define data owners who are in control of approving or denying requests for the registration permission and who must continuously review its effectiveness.

  • Self-Service: Users can request the permission for registering devices themselves via tenfold’s intuitive HTML5 interface.

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