PKE SMS Plugin

What does the PKE SMS Plugin Do?

The PKE SMS plugin connects PKE’s security management system (SMS) to tenfold, allowing you to manage IT access rights and physical access of employees via tenfold.

The plugin enables you to assign key cards to employees and activate different areas of access for each card. Key cards and access areas can also be integrated into profiles. This means even physical access is granted or revoked automatically on the basis of user departments, locations or other attributes.

The plugin uses the latest features for GUI integration of tenfold plugins: once the plugin is installed, a self-service tile appears in the menu through which you can manage key cards and areas of access very easily. Data exchange with PKE’s SMS is file-based.

Required License

System Requirements

  • Must have relevant directories on file server for data exchange

Self-Service for PKE SMS Plugin

View access privileges for the locking system via tenfold


  • Assign key cards to people
  • Remove key cards
  • Assign areas of access to key cards
  • Remove areas of access
  • Overview of all active and available key cards
  • Workflow for issuing and returning replacement cards (with automatic temporary locking of original card)
  • Management of visitor cards
  • Key cards and areas of access can be integrated in tenfold profiles
  • Synchronization with PKE system

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