Mail Notification Plugin


  • Easy activation of pre-defined e-mail notifications:

    • Notify data owners about pending approval requests
    • Notify request makers upon completion
    • Notify persons affected by request upon completion
    • Notify request makers in case of termination
    • Notify request makers in case of rejection
  • Adjust layout of standard e-mails according to corporate design

  • Standard e-mails include action links allowing recipients (i.e. data owners) to take immediate action, e.g. approve or deny requests

  • Create individual e-mail notifications with templates and placeholders

  • Send individual e-mails regarding global events

  • Use Mail Notification Plugin to order resources for manual assignment (this function is only available in the Enterprise Edition). Note: If you wish to use the Mail Notification Plugin to order resources that need to be assigned manually, please read about our plugins for common helpdesk systems – your requirements may be better covered by them.

Required License
(with limitations)

Required License
(no limitations)

System Requirements

SMTP server for e-mail delivery


The Essentials and Essentials Plus Editions allow only limited use of the plugin functions: You can send e-mail notifications for specific global events, for instance when a user has reset their password.

However, you cannot use the Mail Notification plugin for resource provisioning purposes. This is because only the Enterprise Edition allows you to generate user-defined resources. 


In tenfold, business applications or permissions are depicted as resources.
If you are uncertain as to whether you will be able to use the functions you require due to the restrictions listed above, please contact one of our partners or send us an inquiry to

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