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Mail Notification Plugin

tenfold's Mail Notification Plugin enables the sending of standardized and custom emails in response to certain system events.

What Does the Mail Notification Plugin Do?

With tenfold’s Mail Notification Plugin, you can send both standardized and customized email notifications. These include alerts for certain events (such as password resets) as well as status updates on orders.

Data owners can process requests directly from within these emails to approve or deny access to resources (i.e. click a button to approve or deny the request). The email design can be adapted freely to match your own corporate design.

Note: The Enterprise edition allows you to create new email templates for all available events. The Essentials and Essentials 365 editions, however, only support predefined notifications.

required license
Essentials Edition

Some of the Mail Notification Plugin functions require a tenfold Enterprise license.

System Requirements:

  • SMTP server for e-mail delivery


Global Notifications
  • Activate predefined e-mail notifications for incoming, completed or cancelled requests.

  • Adapt default emails to corporate design.

  • Create templates for custom emails.

Edit Requests
  • Action links in e-mails allow recipients to process requests directly.

  • Approve or deny requests with one click.

  • Full documentation and periodic access reviews through tenfold.

Resource Provisioning
  • Order resources that have to be assigned manually via helpdesk (only available in Enterprise edition)

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