tenfold Groovy Plugin


The Groovy Plugin allows you to execute scripts based on the programming language Java (or, to be more precise, based on the script language Groovy) natively in the tenfold application server.
The plugin thus allows flexible processing of certain events that allow a reaction, meaning that it is possible to influence the processes in tenfold in order to extend or adapt some of its standard functions.
In addition, the plugin can be used to provision IT resources in a user-defined manner. For instance, you can achieve access to an SQL database for reading or writing data by using a script. Alternatively, SOAP or REST web services can be used to exchange information with other systems. LDAPS can be used to access LDAP directories outside the other directory services that are supported out-of-the-box. To support workflows, you can also create individual Word, Excel or PDF files and design these as templates beforehand.


Java-based scripting means:

• Being able to react to certain system events
• The ability to provision IT resources

…Which again allows you to:

• Access tenfold internal processes via ISM Java-API
• Access all SQL databases (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM DB/2, Informix, MySQL, etc.)
• Access REST APIs
• Access SOAP APIs
• Access LDAP and LDAPS
• Create individual file import and export jobs
• Creative individual Word, Excel or PDF files, based on templates

System Requirements

  • Apart from a functioning tenfold application server, there are no special requirements to be considered.
  • The specific requirements of the individual target systems and the restrictions of certain APIs still apply.

Required License

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