Microsoft® SQL Server Plugin

Easy user and database management with tenfold.


  • Allocate logins on the database server for Windows users
  • Create users on databases
  • Assign and remove database roles

System Requirements

  • tenfold 2019 R4 Update 2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017® or Microsoft SQL Server 2019®


Required License




tenfold transfers any changes made to database roles automatically, which is a great time-saver as it eliminates the necessity for manual tasks.


Users can request database roles independently through the intuitive HTML5 interface. Settings and privileges can be used to control specifics.


Keep a constant overview of who has what database roles or which database roles are assigned to which users.


Database roles can be grouped together with resources and permissions from other systems and then linked to organizational units. Database roles are assigned to users automatically and can be removed when necessary.

Approval Workflows

Both single-level and multi-level workflows are possible. Escalations and substitutes can be configured easily.


Data owners can review, on a regular basis, whether database roles are up to date and mark obsolete entries for removal. tenfold removes database role assignments automatically.


Any changes made to database roles are documented automatically. Historical data can be accessed at any time and you
can keep track of who had access to sensitive data.

Integration of Data Owners

Define data owners from different departments who are in charge of approving applications and keep track of database roles on a regular basis.

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It has never been easier to manage and keep track of your users and their access rights in one centralized software. Administrators, managers and your company as a whole will benefit from tenfold, as it provides a transparent overview of all access rights. tenfold can help you comply with standards, like ISO 27000, BSI, etc., and offers worthwhile functions for managing users and access rights.

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