Access Management in Microsoft Teams®

What Does the Teams Plugin Do?

Thanks to tenfold’s deep integration with Microsoft 365, managing memberships in Microsoft Teams is just as easy as it is to control SharePoint permissions, Exchange Online mailboxes and user accounts in Azure Active Directory. All MS Cloud resources and services are fully integrated with tenfold’s central user and access management system.

For MS Teams, this means tenfold automatically adds new users to the correct team, based on associated roles, and will modify memberships if any changes occur (for example, when an employee moves to another department or leaves the company).

Users can send in requests for other privileges or team memberships directly using tenfold’s built-in self-service platform. tenfold further logs all resulting changes and ensures that users and privileges are regularly reviewed and updated through a process called recertification.

Required License

tenfold Essentials PLUS

Screenshot of tenfold's user interface for managing Microsoft Teams memberships and shared files.

With tenfold, you always know which files are being shared in which teams.

Manage Guest Users in Teams

You can also use tenfold’s self-service portal to invite guest users to Microsoft 365. Such requests must be approved by the associated data owner(s). To make admin life easier, tenfold highlights active guest users and their licenses in the dashboard.

To ensure that guest accounts in Azure Active Directory are still needed, they can also be subjected to regular access reviews.

See Shared Files

While Microsoft’s built-in tools do not allow you to track what information is being shared through Teams and by whom, tenfold provides a detailed list of all shared files.

Information that is made available to guest users or external users poses an enormous threat in terms of data privacy. To make sure such important matters do not slip under the radar, tenfold highlights these points in its shared files list.


  • Admins can see which files are being shared in which teams.
  • Visualization of file access: What information can guests and external users view?
  • Automation: tenfold automatically passes on changes made to team memberships and access rights, saving you time as such tasks no longer have to be completed manually.

  • Reporting: Keep track of who shared what information in Teams. Learn more about reporting in tenfold.

  • Profiles/Roles: Team memberships can be grouped together with resources and privileges from other target systems and linked to organizational units. This way, users can be added to teams and removed again automatically, for example when they change departments. More information about roles in tenfold.

  • Approval workflows: Both single-step and multi-step workflows are supported.

  • Recertification: Data owners can regularly review team memberships and mark obsolete entries for removal. tenfold then removes them automatically. Learn more about recertification with tenfold.

  • Auditing: tenfold automatically logs any changes made to team memberships. You can access historical data at any time and track memberships and shared files. Learn more about change tracking.

  • Integration of data owners: You can put managers or persons of equal authority in charge of permissions. They are responsible for approving requests and for reviewing team memberships regularly. Learn more about data owners in tenfold.

Want to learn more?

Our video demo covers the full range of features
included in our powerful IAM solution.

View Demo

Want to learn more?

Our video demo covers the full range of features
included in our powerful IAM solution.

View Demo

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