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Exchange® Online Mailbox Lifecycle

This tenfold plugin enables the automatic creation and deletion of Exchange Online Mailboxes.

What Does the Exchange® Mailbox Lifecycle Plugin Do?

tenfold automates Exchange mailbox management, making life for IT admins oh so much easier. When a new employee joins your organization, tenfold automatically creates a new mailbox for them. If they leave, tenfold can be configured to automatically delete their mailbox. All these changes are documented to provide full transparency for admins.

Hybrid Environments Made Easy

tenfold‘s mailbox lifecycle plugin makes it easy to manage hybrid environments by automatically syncing on-premise systems and Microsoft 365 services. Cloud-only setups do not require this plugin, since mailboxes are created automatically when you assign an Exchange license in M365.

In order to manage the mailbox lifecycle for local accounts, you only need the Exchange Server plugin, which is part of tenfold‘s Essential Edition. Access to mailboxes is managed through a separate interface. Learn more about the Exchange permissions plugin.

required license
Essentials 365 Edition

System Requirements:

  • You must have a service account with the appropriate privileges to create, move, and deactivate mailboxes.

  • Changes are made using the PowerShell cmdlets for Exchange provided by Microsoft. They must be installed.

  • You must install the tenfold Agent in order to run the PowerShell scripts on the server.


Mailbox Creation
  • Create new mailbox and select mailbox database based on user attributes (e.g. department, location)

  • Set the email address through an individual script or the Exchange recipient policy

Modify Data
  • If someone changes their name, tenfold automatically adapts that person’s e-mail address to the new name (if desired).

  • Depending on the configuration, tenfold automatically deletes mailboxes when a user leaves the organization.