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Export Plugin

The Export Plugin allows you to export data sets in tenfold to CSV or Excel files.

What Does the Export Plugin Do?

The Export Plugin allows you to export records from tenfold to widely-used formats like Excel spreadsheets or CSV files, which you can then simply import to other systems.

The advantage of the Export Plugin is that you don’t have to go through the Generic Connector or install other plugins to export data you wish to use in other applications. You can adjust the export settings via field mappings to fit the needs of whatever target system you are exporting for. You can even set individual exports to take place automatically on a monthly basis, for example to provide HR with updated user data for import into accounting software each month.

required license

System Requirements:

  • tenfold must be set up as an app with the necessary permissions.


Data Sets
  • Export of personal data.

  • Export of data owners for file server directories.

  • Set filters for which persons or fields shall be exported.

  • Export to CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

  • Formatting options for separators, line breaks, column headings.

  • Field mapping.

tenfold in a Nutshell


Automated user and permission management means faster access for your users and less work for your IT staff.


Change tracking, detailed reporting and regular access reviews keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.


Least privilege access and audit-proof logs help you achieve, maintain and prove compliance with laws and security standards.