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Microsoft® Dynamics NAV

The Dynamics NAV Plugin enables you to create and lock users and to manage privilege sets in Microsoft®’s popular ERP system via tenfold.

What Does the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Plugin Do?

With the Dynamics NAV plugin, Microsoft’s ERP solution Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 can be integrated with tenfold’s global access management system. Permission sets in Dynamics NAV are grouped together with other rights and resources into what we refer to as “profiles” (or roles) and can then be assigned and revoked automatically via tenfold.

This signigicantly reduces the manual workload for admins because tenfold transmits changes to Dynamics NAV automatically. tenfold also provides detailed reports on user permissions, giving you an immediate overview of who has access to what, including historical logs.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV 8 or later

  • tenfold 2019 R3 or later


User Creation
  • Create users in Microsoft® Dynamics NAV (using Windows authentication)

Privilege Sets
  • Assign privilege sets as needed

  • Withdraw privilege sets as needed

Lock and Delete Users
  • Deactivate user accounts

  • Support for single- and multi-tenant deployments.

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