Home Folder Lifecycle Plugin

What Does the Home Folder Lifecycle Plugin Do?

The plugin automates routine processes, for example:

  • Whenever a new user account is created, the plugin automatically generates a new home folder for that user.
  • If a user switches to a different office, the plugin automatically transfers that person’s home folder to the file server at the new office.
  • If a person leaves the company, the plugin automatically archives and, if necessary, deletes that person’s home folder.

Automating these otherwise tedious yet necessary tasks saves a tremendous amount of time for admins and also significantly reduces the risk of errors.

Required License

System Requirements

  • All SMB-based storage systems are supported. The file server must be accessible via UNC path.
  • The service account used to operate the tenfold agents must have full control permissions for the respective file servers.

tenfold Plugin Interface

Determine Rules for Home Folder


  • Automatically creates user directory on file server according to user attributes (e.g. location).
  • Access level of user on directory can be configured: Modify, Modify Plus, Full Control.
  • Configurable directory name: Pre-Windows 2000 user name or User Principal Name.
  • Configurable drive letter for automatic connection as network drive.
  • The user directory is moved automatically to the file server of the new location or department.
  • The drive letter is adapted automatically.
  • The directory is renamed when the user name or user principal name changes.
  • User directory is archived as ZIP file to a configurable file server.
  • Directory deletion.

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