Home Folder Lifecycle Plugin

The tenfold Home Folder Lifecycle Plugin is used to manage the lifecycles of user directories (home folders).

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The tenfold Home Folder Lifecycle Plugin is used for managing the lifecycles of user directories (home folders). It automates routine tasks, like generating a new home folder when a new user account is being created.
Another example is, for instance, when a staff member switches to a different office, the plugin will automatically transfer that person’s home folder to the file server at the new location; and, if the person decides to leave the company, the folder is automatically archived and later deleted.
This saves the administrator from having to conduct tedious (but necessary) tasks manually each time a new person enters or leaves the company. It also significantly reduces the potential for errors.


Create New User

  • Creation of home folder on a file server that is chosen automatically according to user attributes (e.g. location).
  • Customizable user permission levels on home folders: “Modify”, “Modify plus” or “Full access”.
  • Customizable folder name: pre-Windows 2000 user name or user principal name.
  • Customizable drive letter for automatic network connection.

Users Modification and User Transfer

  • Home folder is automatically moved to file server at new location or department.
  • Drive letter is adjusted automatically.
  • Folder can be renamed when user name or user principal name is changed.

Delete Users

  • Home folder is archived as ZIP-file on a configurable file server.
  • Directories can be deleted.

System Requirements

  • All SMB-based storage systems are supported. File server must be accessible via UNC path
  • The service account used for the relevant tenfold agent must have full access permission to the relevant file servers

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