tenfold & GroupWise® Privileges

What are the benefits?

Putting tenfold in charge of managing mailboxes guarantees better transparency and more time on your hands, while reducing the risk for errors significantly at the same time.

  • tenfold is able to create mailboxes in GroupWise® automatically for new users. The associated Post Office can also be selected automatically, based on user attributes (e.g. location).

  • tenfold can be set to delete mailboxes automatically once the associated user leaves the company.

  • The integration with Active Directory, which can also be established automatically, ensures that the user’s master data is continuously updated. (Note: updating the master data without Active Directory® integration is currently not supported).

Required license

System Requirements

  • GroupWise® 2014 (or higher)
  • Technical integration achieved through “GroupWise Administration REST API“

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tenfold can also be used to manage distribution list memberships, which brings several advantages:

  • Automatic documentation of changes to list memberships.

  • List owners can be included into the workflow and are able to approve or reject individual changes.

  • Lists can be used in tenfold profiles, which means they can be assigned or withdrawn automatically on the basis of user departments or locations.

  • List owners can regularly review list memberships as part of the recertification process.


  • Generate user mailboxes
  • Delete user mailboxes
  • Assign users automatically to Post Office according to user attributes
  • Add persons to distribution lists
  • Remove distribution lists
  • Link between GroupWise® and Active Directory® users via usernames
  • Resynchronization of user accounts and distribution list memberships
  • Several GroupWise® domains supported

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