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Protect your data in the ORBIS hospital information system from unauthorized access and ensure legal compliance - with tenfold.

What Does Orbis Plugin Do?

Hospitals use hospital information systems (HIS) such as Orbis by Dedalus Healthcare to control specialist procedures and access to patient data as well as other processes. With tenfold, the management of user accounts and rights can be centralized and automated. By interfacing with the HR application of your choice, tenfold is able to automatically recognize when a new user is created or edited in that system. With the Orbis plugin, tenfold can transmit such information and changes directly to the HIS.

This frees up IT staff from having to conduct time-consuming and repetitive tasks, like entering the same user information multiple times into multiple systems within the network. tenfold ensures that user permissions are always correct and up-to-date.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • Dedicated OAS (ORBIS application server) with profile “user provisioning“

  • Technical ORBIS license: “ORBIS User Provisioning API“, “USER_PROVISIONING“, ID: 9238


  • Create new employees

  • Modify existing employees

  • Assign employees to facilities, organizational units and groups

  • Synchronize existing employees

  • Create new users for employees

  • Modify existing users

  • Lock and unlock users

  • Assign users to facilities

  • Password reset for users

  • Synchronize existing users

  • Add roles to users

  • Remove roles from users

  • Synchronize existing role assignments

System Functions
  • Communication with ORBIS is made using REST via HTTPS (encrypted connection) with user authentication

  • It is recommended to create a dedicated ORBIS user for API communication

tenfold in a Nutshell

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From Active Directory to Azure AD and third-party apps: Manage all IT systems through one automated platform with tenfold.

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On/Offboarding, self-service, central reporting and regular audits. For all accounts, permissions and unstructured data.

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Prebuilt plugins and no-code configuration make tenfold quick and easy to deploy, use and maintain.