ORBIS Plugin

tenfold protects your hospital information system ORBIS data from unauthorized access and can assist you in complying with legal regulations set for critical
infrastructures (KRITIS), such as the industry-specific security standards (B3S) of the BSI.



  • Create new employees
  • Modify existing employees
  • Assign employees to facilities, organizational units and groups
  • Resynchronize existing employees


  • Add roles to users
  • Remove roles from users
  • Resynchronize existing role assignments


  • Create new users for employees
  • Modify existing users
  • Lock and unlock users
  • Assign users to facilities
  • Password reset for users
  • Resynchronize existing users


  • Communication with ORBIS is made using REST via HTTPS (encrypted connection) with user authentication
  • It is recommended to create a dedicated ORBIS user for API

System Requirements

  • Dedicated OAS (ORBIS application server) with profile “user provisioning“
  • Technical ORBIS license: “ORBIS User Provisioning API“, “USER_PROVISIONING“, ID: 9238

Required License




Any changes made to users or role and organizational unit assignments are transferred automatically to ORBIS by tenfold. This is a great time-saver because it eliminates the necessity for many operations that would otherwise have to be done manually.


Reports will give you an instant overview of assigned roles and organizational units, as well as what data specific users have access to.


The assignments of roles and organizational units can be grouped together with resources and access rights in other target systems and then linked to the organizational units. This means that users receive the relevant roles and organizational units automatically and, once they no longer need them (due to a department change, for instance), they automatically lose them again.

Approval workflows

Both single-step and multi-step workflows can be established. Configuring escalations and substitutes is simple and straightforward.


Data owners can review privileges regularly and flag those which are obsolete for removal. tenfold then removes the flagged role and organizational unit assignments automatically.


Any changes to role and organizational unit assignments are documented automatically. Historical data can be accessed any time and you can always track who had access to sensitive data.

Integration of Data Owners

You can set data owners for ORBIS who are responsible for approving requests and of controlling the assignments of roles and organizational units.

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It has never been easier to manage and keep track of your users and their access rights in one centralized software. Administrators, managers and your company as a whole will benefit from tenfold, as it provides a transparent overview of all access rights. tenfold can help you comply with standards, like ISO 27000, BSI, etc., and offers worthwhile features for managing users and access rights.

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