• Create identities and profiles
  • Modify personal master data in identities and profiles
  • Remove identities and profiles
  • Add roles and policies to identities
  • Remove roles and policies from identities
  • Control maximum order sums
  • Integration via REST web service via JSON
  • Secure connection via HTTPS

Required License

System Requirements

  • ISAS-N Version 11.00.03

Weitere Links

SPI Website

  • Automation: Changes to identities, roles and policies are transmitted automatically by tenfold. This saves valuable time because manual tasks are eliminated.

  • Reporting: Keep track of which users have access to roles and policies, or which roles and policies a specific user has access to. More information about reporting with tenfold.

  • Profile/roles: Roles and policies can be grouped together with resources and access rights from other target systems and then linked to the organizational units. This way, roles and policies are assigned to users automatically and removed when necessary, for instance in the event of a department change. Learn more about roles in tenfold.

  • Approval workflows: Both single-stage and multi-stage workflows can be established. Configuring escalations and substitutes is simple.

  • Recertification: Data owners can review access rights regularly to ensure these are up-to-date and mark obsolete entries for removal. tenfold then automatically removes role and policy assignments. Learn more about recertification with tenfold.

  • Auditing: Changes to roles and policies are documented automatically. You can access historical data at any time and track which user or group had access to sensitive data. Learn more about change tracking.

  • Integration of data owners: Data owners from different departments can be put in charge of roles and policies and can thus approve requests and review roles and policies on a regular basis.  Learn more about data owners in tenfold.

  • Self-Service: Via the intuitive HTML5 interface, users can request roles and policies themselves. Details are controlled via settings and privileges.

Want to learn more?

Our video demo covers the full range of features
included in our powerful IAM solution.

View Demo

Want to learn more?

Our video demo covers the full range of features
included in our powerful IAM solution.

View Demo

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