Identity & Access Management Solutions Comparison

Learn what types of IAM Software are available on the market and which product is best suited to meet your needs.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides organizations with a central hub for managing identities and IT privileges across all connected systems. The IAM market comprises various different tools and platforms that differ in usability, feature set, implementation and price.

In our IAM comparison, we examine the two main categories of IAM solutions: small-scale data governance tools and complex enterprise IAM platforms. Additionally, you will learn why tenfold was specifically designed to offer a third option – a powerful, but affordable access management solution designed for mid-market organizations.

  • What is IAM software?

  • What features do IAM solutions include?

  • IAM solutions compared

  • How to choose the right IAM tool

  • Challenges IAM solutions need to address

  • What sets tenfold apart from other IAM providers?