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About Haberkorn

Haberkorn supplies industrial and construction companies with protective work clothing, lubricants and technical products, such as hoses, machine parts and hydraulic systems. Thanks to its competent technical advisors, product services and special knowledge of procurement markets across all product ranges, Haberkorn is considered a multi-specialist.

Logistical services and e-business solutions help customers save time and money. The family-run business was founded in 1932 and is based in Wolfurt/Vorarlberg. With more than 1,300 employees and 30 locations across Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Haberkorn is one of Europe’s leading technology retailers to date.

Customer Review

“We had difficulties finding a good IT solution that would cover all processes involved when staff joined or left our company – a solution that is both seamless and without flaws. Our search for possible solutions led us to tenfold and we were soon convinced by its usability. Next to the service provider’s solution-oriented technical competence, the fact that tenfold would allow us to integrate a large-scale and heterogenous environment very easily was of great importance to us at the IT department.”

Berno Pfanner,
Head of IT


Austria’s largest technology retailer with over 30 branches in Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe and Switzerland

Founded in

IT users
approx 1,000

Haberkorn Products
Protective clothing, lubricants, hoses, machine parts, hydraulic systems, etc.

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Initial Situation

Haberkorn were seeking a solution to improve their user and access rights management approach. The IT department received information regarding persons joining or leaving the company, or if somebody switched to a different department, by e-mail. The process which then followed was not transparent to the people involved and often led to more questions. The lack of automation also meant a certain potential for errors.

A possible solution had to meet the following demands:

  • New employees are to be given all necessary access rights and IT equipment on the day they join the company.

  • Access rights of employees who resign or leave the company for other reasons should be deactivated at the relevant time.

  • The software must be able to produce a list stating all of an employee’s IT equipment and program access rights and it must be able to do so simply, at one click.

Initial situation. Adobe Stock (c) Locker Studio
Initial situation. Adobe Stock (c) Locker Studio

The tenfold Solution

After thoroughly examining the performance of the product and its service provider, Haberkorn GmbH opted for tenfold as the solution for conducting and automating its user and access rights management processes.

The primary project was first defined; it was to be achieved in stages. The aim was to provide a platform that offered the following basic functions:

  • HR staff must record any relevant events, such as entries to and exits from the company, in a structured manner.

  • The recorded events should automatically trigger the basic processes that are necessary to equip employees with the relevant IT accounts, access rights and services.

  • Managers from different departments should be involved in processes by means of approval workflows.

  • The IT department should be able to manage and visualize user accounts and access rights in one central hub.

  • Special access rights of employees should be easily recognizable.

Human Resources

First, the data configuration and input options which HR staff could use to register, modify, or remove employees, were defined. These requests would then trigger the workflows used for managing the IT accounts.

Active Directory

The first step of integrating tenfold with Haberkorn GmbH’s IT systems was to activate the Active Directory® interface. To do so, we first had to define rules, like the configuration of attributes that were going to be transferred or rules for creating user names for internal and external users. We then configured Haberkorn’s existing OU structure in tenfold and it was adopted without any changes. After importing the inventory data, an initial cleanup was performed to correct any incorrect master data (addresses, department names).

Information System

A second step involved the integration of the central information system, which Haberkorn had developed themselves, on the basis of the existing ERP solution and the database system DB/2. The system is based on an independent administration of users and access rights, a fact that made the whole process more difficult and time-consuming because it meant that the accounts in this application had to be maintained separately. However, thanks to the Groovy plugin, the system could be quickly integrated into tenfold. All users and access rights are now created, updated and deleted automatically.

ERP Standard Solution

Haberkorn’s central business application is the ERP system Infor AS, based on the IBM System i. For this solution, which is also based on DB/2, an interface was developed, together with the ERP service provider, which allows user accounts to be controlled via tenfold and access rights (roles) to be assigned in the ERP application, depending on the client. Thus, the necessity to manually maintain user accounts in the ERP system was eliminated.

System i User (AS/400)

tenfold also manages the i/OS basic user required for using the database systems. The necessary commands are executed in i/OS and tenfold authenticates itself through the given SSH certificate.


tenfold’s profile function is also highly popular at Haberkorn GmbH. Profiles are used to assign users the relevant accounts and access rights, based on their department, office location or job position. The assignment function can be used in conjunction with Active Directory® and the other integrated systems, including the ERP solution and the information system developed by Haberkorn.
This way, new employees receive the required user accounts and access rights for all relevant systems within seconds. In the same way, employees who decide to leave the company can be locked with only a few clicks.


“The automation of the user creation process in Active Directory® and our IBM System i environment saves us a great deal of time.
The fact that we can use tenfold’s profile function to automatically assign access rights in the Active Directory® and in our self-developed applications really makes our daily work life so much easier.
We were able to integrate our ITSM software using the e-mail import option, which allows us to process all non-automated software and hardware requests coming in through our request management system and then, once the job is done, relay this information back to tenfold automatically.”

Martin Rainer,
Head of IT department ITIL Expert

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