Introducing tenfold V24: Complete Overhaul Brings New Design & Improved Performance

Our latest update, tenfold V24, represents a total rework of our identity & access management solution: A completely redesigned interface improves usability, allowing for easier and faster navigation. Behind the scenes, updated frameworks and libraries further increase tenfold’s performance. Plus: new features allow you to adjust data owner inheritance and the scope of access reviews.

New Look & Clearer Navigation

tenfold V24 brings a stylish and minimalist new look to our IAM solution. Far more than just a visual refresh, this redesign puts usability first by improving navigation and adding a wide range of customization options. Users can tweak the new look to their liking with color palettes and the ability to switch the navigation bar from horizontal to vertical. tenfold V24 also introduces another much requested feature: The new dark mode now allows admins to save energy and prevent eye strain when managing access rights with tenfold.

As part of this overhaul, more than 300 screens and menus have been reworked to improve visual consistency and make them easier to navigate. An intuitive interface is central to tenfold’s mission of making it easy for organizations to eliminate access risks, as VP Helmut Semmelmayer explains: “While other IAM solutions require extensive scripting, our no-code platform can be set up, configured and operated entirely through its visual UI. A clear and approachable interface plays an important role in our commitment to make identity & access governance as easy as possible.”

Improved Security & Performance

Alongside this visual overhaul, tenfold V24 features numerous improvements under the hood. By switching to the newest versions of its underlying frameworks, tenfold V24 offers even more security and a significant performance increase, which will speed up many of the day-to-day tasks in identity governance. From checking permissions on specific objects to tweaking access rights and conducting audits, access management with tenfold V24 is now faster than ever.

New Features for Access Reviews & Requests

On top of these improvements, tenfold V24 also adds new features that give organizations fine-grained control over the scope of access reviews, the availability of self-service resources and the inheritance of a user’s data owner status. Alongside existing features for tracking shared files in Microsoft 365 and conducting access audits for Teams, OneDrive & SharePoint, these new additions make tenfold an essential component for any secure cloud access strategy.

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About the Author: Joe Köller

Joe Köller is tenfold’s Content Manager and responsible for the IAM Blog, where he dives deep into topics like compliance, cybersecurity and digital identities. From security regulations to IT best practices, his goal is to make challenging subjects approachable for the average reader. Before joining tenfold, Joe covered games and digital media for many years.