The cases where tenfold’s integration functions do not suffice require scripting. This might be the case if you wish to integrate a company-own application, for instance.
Basically, there are two scripting languages available:

  •  Groovy (Java based): Groovy provides access to internal processes in tenfold through a special API. Groovy offers all standard Java functions, including access to SQL databases, REST services and LDAP directories.
  • PowerShell: PowerShell is very useful for extending the functionalities of the Microsoft infrastructure. Many software providers now offer PowerShell APIs to provide access to their systems and applications.

Furthermore, the following plugin is available:

  • SSH (Secure Shell): This plugin allows you to send scripts to Linux, UNIX or i/OS (AS/400) systems via SSH connection and to execute them. This can be used to manage local user accounts which are necessary for i/OS and DB/2.

Scripting can be used, on the one hand, for the entire process of user accounts and access rights provisioning (e.g. for integrating applications that are not yet supported), as well as for influencing certain system processes. To do so, scripts are registered and linked to events in tenfold and automatically launched should these events occur. The transmission of tenfold parameters, or parameters of other necessary access data for external systems to the script, does not have to be handled individually, but can instead be carried out by tenfold itself.

Learn more about our plugins: 

Groovy Plugin
PowerShell Plugin
SSH Plugin

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