tenfold 2022 R2: New Version Provides Central Overview of M365 File Shares

As part of our continued efforts to further expand support for Microsoft 365, the latest version 2022 R2 of tenfold now offers even better control over shared data in the Microsoft cloud, providing a central overview of SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Our update further offers a new plugin for software distribution with Matrix42 Empirum.

Permission Chaos in Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s collaborative cloud tools make it extra easy to share information and files between co-workers, which is why so many companies use them – and with the sky-rocketing increase in work-from-home arrangements, this trend has only intensified. However, the downside is that, with every file shared in Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, organizations lose more track of who has access to what files. Microsoft is yet to provide an adequate tool that would enable organizations to regain control over these shared files that are scattered all over the place.

The latest version of our identity and access management solution tenfold has finally closed this major security hole. Prior to the most recent update, tenfold had already been enabling organizations to manage accounts and permissions in the Microsoft Cloud centrally, automatically and in sync with their on-prem systems. Now on top of that, the 2022 R2 update adds an overview of shared data that allows admins to track all shared data in one place. With filtering options for Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as for internal and external shares, potentially critical files can be quickly identified.

Regain Control Over Shared Data

Maintaining a central overview of permissions is key to preventing the filesharing chaos in M365 that is endemic to many organizations. Users share documents with co-workers from other departments or even with external partners, but fail to remove access to those documents when it is no longer needed. As a result, files remain accessible for much longer than intended, putting sensitive data at risk and opening up serious security vulnerabilities – especially when data are made available outside the organization.

Thanks to our latest update, tenfold is now able to provide a list of all shared files in a central overview that helps admins identify and eliminate potential security risks immediately. Even since before the recent update, it was possible to include M365 permissions in tenfold’s recurring access reviews. As part of an access review, the appointed data owners must determine whether access to the assets they are responsible for is still required and then either confirm or revoke it. With access reviews in combination with detailed reports, organizations can stay in control over shared data at all times.

New Interface for Matrix42 Empirum

Version 2022 R2 of tenfold furthermore adds a new plugin for the software distribution solution Matrix42 Empirum. Through this interface, organizations can now trigger the installation of applications on end user devices when assigning permissions and software licenses in tenfold. This makes it much easier to equip new users with default rights and programs. As this plugin, too, is integrated with tenfold‘s reporting feature, data controllers can see at a glance which access rights a person has and which applications are being used.

About the Author: Joe Köller

Joe Köller is tenfold’s Content Manager and responsible for the IAM Blog, where he dives deep into topics like compliance, cybersecurity and digital identities. From security regulations to IT best practices, his goal is to make challenging subjects approachable for the average reader. Before joining tenfold, Joe covered games and digital media for many years.