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tenfold Recommendations

“The project implementation through aikux.com GmbH and the supplied IAM software tenfold have fulfilled all of our expectations. What we liked most about tenfold is the minimal training effort that was required and its simple and easy-to-use software interface.”  Kerstin Schmid, Team Leader IT Infrastructure, CeGaT GmbH

“Before introducing tenfold to our company, we were using a self-made application to manage our users. This solution had hardly any automated functions and no self-service system for end users. Creating users or changing access rights for each user across systems was a tedious process prone to errors. Thanks to tenfold, these processes are now automated and take only a few minutes to complete. At the same time, all system activities are thoroughly documented.” Karl Liebich, IT-Manager Applications, Sappi Papier Holding GmbH

“In the past, it was always difficult for us to implement certain events – like employees entering or leaving the company – seamlessly and without errors. Our search for possible solutions led us to tenfold and we were quickly convinced by its usability. Two key aspects we were seeking in a software were a) easy integration of extensive and heterogenous environments and b) great problem-solving skills on behalf of the service provider. To conclude: ever since we introduced tenfold, the quality of our user and permission management has greatly improved. “ Berno Pfanner, IT-Manager at Haberkorn

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