Third Party Integration

At tenfold, our understanding of data security is that it is not sufficient to only secure the Microsoft infrastructure because critical business data will often be stored in other systems and databases as well.

Business Applications

A company’s core business applications contain a range of critical data:

  • Customers and employees, whose data must be especially protected, in accordance with the GDPR
  • Prices and orders your competitors might be interested in
  • Unpublished financial data, whose disclosure may have consequences in terms of stock corporation law

Therefore, tenfold offers integration with leading standard ERP and CRM solutions, such as SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Protection from data abuse can only be guaranteed if you can protect access to the data in your central applications just as reliably as you would protect the data in your Active Directory.

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Companies that use purchased and self-developed databases in IBM Notes often find migration to Exchange challenging. This is why IBM Notes is still widely spread, especially in the banking sector.
tenfold therefore also offers integration with IBM Notes, which creates a bridge between Active Directory and IBM Notes that does usually not exist.

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Mechanical keys have given way to access cards or chips for providing people physical access to company premises. Though the systems behind these cards or chips are IT-based, they are not connected to Active Directory out of the box.

With tenfold, these access systems can be integrated into the user process. You can use tenfold, for instance, to manage keys and access profiles. Access profiles, in combination with profiles, can be integrated into business roles to ensure that tenfold sets physical access t correctly and automatically, according to the department or location a staff member is affiliated with.

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Helpdesk Systems

The tasks tenfold carries out automatically, as part of the user and access rights management workflow, were previously often handled manually by helpdesk systems (ticket systems) as part of “Request Fulfillment”.

Some of these tasks may still require a certain degree of manual input, for instance where the provisioning of hardware assets requested via the self-service portal is concerned, or provisioning of user accounts and access rights in systems that do not have any interfaces for automation.

tenfold passes these tasks on to the ticket system through specific interfaces, where they are then processed and finally closed. tenfold saves the reference ticket number in the request. This way, the entire process can be retraced in both systems. Also, tenfold can use this reference to close the request automatically once the operator has closed the ticket in the helpdesk system.

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