Sophisticated IAM Solution for Midsize Businesses: KuppingerCole Analyzes tenfold Access Management

KuppingerCole Analysts, a global leader in the IT security and digital identity sector, gives organizations an independent perspective on the identity and access management market. Besides providing general market analyses, KC’s team of experts also review individual IAM products in detail. tenfold Access Management recently stood up to the test performed by chief analyst Martin Kuppinger, who concludes that tenfold’s midmarket focus is reflected in the software, both in terms of efficiency and useability, as well as in its many other excelling features.

As experts in the fields of identity access management and cybersecurity, KuppingerCole Analysts observe trends, technical developments and new challenges arising in the world of automated access management. They also conduct executive views, in which the strengths and weaknesses of individual IAM products are evaluated.

As part such an executive view, chief analyst Martin Kuppinger recently put Austrian IAM provider tenfold Software to the test – with excellent results. Kuppinger’s report accredits the solution, which specializes in medium-sized businesses, with a high degree of sophistication and excellent functional scope for automating the various tasks associated with an effective access management strategy.

KuppingerCole Analysts Logo
KuppingerCole Analysts Logo

Efficient, Sophisticated and Packed with Features

KuppingerCole Analysts found tenfold to be an efficient and well thought-out solution for automating the management of user accounts and permissions, with a broad range of valuable features, including workflows, self-service, and reporting. On top of these, pre-built interfaces and full integration with Microsoft’s services allow for a quick deployment.

The report specifically highlights tenfold’s focus on medium-sized businesses as one of its main strengths. According to KuppingerCole Analysts, tenfold has managed to close a major gap in the IAM market. Businesses and government agencies in the midmarket segment need automated systems to manage access to IT resources securely and efficiently.

However, many enterprise-grade systems that are designed for large-scale corporations exceed the capacities of midmarket organizations in terms of cost, complexity and efforts required. With this in mind, KuppingerCole Analysts conclude that tenfold provides a “sophisticated and efficient solution that is packed with features.”

Perfectly Tailored to Mid-Market Needs

tenfold was developed and adapted specifically to meet the needs of medium-sized organizations. Michael Ugrinovich, VP Product Manager at tenfold, considers the positive assessment by KuppingerCole to be a confirmation of the company’s decision to take this route:

“We are very pleased with the good rating tenfold received in KuppingerCole Analysts’ executive view. The fact that leading analysts have recognized that there is indeed a strong demand among mid-sized businesses for solutions that cater specifically to their needs, and that KuppingerCole Analysts confirm that tenfold is exactly that, is a clear sign to us as innovators in the midmarket IAM segment that we are on the right track. And we are constantly working to supply our customers with new improvements and interfaces.”

Analyst Report

KuppingerCole Executive View: The Expert Opinion on tenfold

An independent report by the analyst firm KuppingerCole confirms that tenfold lives up to its goals: Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger and his team describe tenfold as a well thought-out IAM solution tailored to the needs of mid-market organizations.

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