New release: tenfold 2017 R3

New modern workflows, plugins and Dynamics CRM Online

tenfold Software GmbH releases the latest version of permission management software “tenfold”. tenfold 2017 R3 is now available for download to more than 250 customers. It contains numerous important functions to help enhance your IT security and automate processes:

Workflows grafisch darstellen und editieren

As of now, tenfold includes an impressive graphical editor, based on BPMN standards (Business Process Model and Notation), to help visualize workflows. The editor allows users to devise and sculpt complex workflows very simply via the web interface – no previous scripting knowledge required! This tool brings a great advantage to IT audits because it makes it easier to disclose very complex workflows, thanks to its graphical visualization abilities.

tenfold plugins for easier configuration

The latest version makes it even easier to connect out-of-the-box interfaces. New plugins can be downloaded directly inside the software and are then installed and configured via the web interface. “We expect that standard software integration can be done without any scripting knowledge in 90% of cases. Individual client adaptations can be achieved using clearly defined exits, which means that any future plugin upgrades will be available at much shorter notice“, explains Michael Ugrinovich, chief of Products & Services at tenfold.

Ready for the Cloud with new interfaces

With the latest release, tenfold continues to stay in tune with its ambition to support new cloud technologies: tenfold 2017 R3 makes user and permission management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online possible. Read on to find out more about the newest available interface.

Please click the following link to see screen shots of tenfold 2017 R3:



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