tenfold Import Feature – Integrate Existing Structures

Organizations who decide to implement access management software commonly ask themselves: what to do with existing infrastructures? What can we do with file server groups that were established as part of a painstaking manual process that took forever? With tenfold, your efforts will not have been in vain because you can simply import these existing structures. We’ll tell you how it’s done and outline whom the import feature could be of special interest to.

Tidying Up the File Server – With tenfold

tenfold establishes all access structures automatically and always in accordance with Microsoft’s best practice approach, the AGDLP principle. Sticking to this user and access management approach manually can only be done with the greatest of efforts (and not without tolerating a high potential for errors). tenfold automates all of these tedious manual processes and manages the infrastructure transparently.

The ability to import existing structures has been available since tenfold version 2019 R2. The purpose of the import feature is to avoid confusion as it prevents several structures from existing at the same time. This allows organizations to continue using groups that have already been established, for instance.

How Are Old Structures Imported?

To ensure the file server order is not jeopardized, the software imports existing structures only once they have been classified and registered in accordance with best practices. This entire process is automated and therefore does not add any extra work to the admin pile. To import an existing structure, tenfold proceeds as follows:

  • If there is just one group with a certain permission (e.g. “Modify”) for a folder, tenfold automatically detects this and suggests the group should be registered as a tenfold group.

  • If there are several groups with the same permission on a folder, you can simply select the group you wish to be registered in tenfold.

  • The import also recognizes list groups that were created for folder browsing.

  • If there is a group that is being used on more than one folder – which goes against best practices – tenfold will display a warning.

  • The group name does not have to conform to any particular rule or standard and you are not required to update the description field.

When an Older Version of tenfold Is Already Installed

The import feature is also of interest to installations of tenfold that were done before version 2019 R2. For instance, if you wish to re-integrate existing file servers or ones that have been integrated but are not yet properly registered in tenfold, the import feature represents a viable option.

Switching to tenfold

The import feature is of particular interest to customers who are planning to replace their current access management tool with tenfold. The import feature allows you to continue using the structures you established using your previous tool with tenfold.


Best Practices for Access Management In Microsoft® Environments

An in-depth manual on how to set up access structures correctly, including technical details. Also includes information on reporting and tips for implementation.

About the Author: Helmut Semmelmayer

Helmut Semmelmayer currently heads channel sales at the software company tenfold software. He looks back on 10 years of involvement in the identity and access management market. Having worked on countless customer projects, he has extensive knowledge of the challenges that organizations face when it comes to protecting data from unauthorized access. His goal is to educate businesses and build awareness for current and future access-based attack patterns.