AD Group Assignment Plugin

What Is It and How Does It Work?

The AD Group Assignment Plugin is used to model IT resources in tenfold which can be ordered by or assigned to users and which are controlled through memberships in Active Directory groups. Basically, this means you can create objects (or resources) in tenfold that consist of an image, a title and a description and which users can easily understand and use. These objects can be categorized and made available in the self-service area. Data controllers can control how and to whom these resources will be assigned through workflows.

At the same time, Active Directory groups that serve technical control purposes (and usually have crazy names that end users definitely do not understand) are hidden. When a resource is assigned, tenfold adds the corresponding user to the group automatically; if the resource is removed, tenfold deletes the corresponding user from the group. A common use case for this plugin is the integration of Citrix® environments to control which applications users should have access to. The plugin is also commonly used to model applications and systems that provide certain functions to users. These include proxy servers for internet activation, remote access via VPN or certain permissions and roles in applications that are integrated in AD.


  • Modeling of resources that have one or more Active Directory groups as back end
  • Modeling of individual application permissions via Active Directory groups
  • Modeling of configurable options for resources via Active Directory groups
  • RBack-synchronization in order to recapture the initial state and allow external changes that were made to the relevant groups to be correctly modeled in tenfold.

System Requirements

The system requirements are identical to those of the Active Directory User Lifecycle Plugin.

Required License

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